Thermage For Non Surgical Wrinkle Reduction

Skin tightening and wrinkle reduction made possible with non surgical thermage lift like procedure. Stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles using the safe, proven state of art thermage cosmetic treatment technology.

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Results With Thermage

All Skin Types Qualify- Advantage Over Laser. Thermage gives you skin rejuvenating and wrinkle reducing results…like results without invasive surgery… without down time from work. A further advantage of thermage skin rejuvenating is that the technology can be uniformly applied to all skin types, rather than be limited in applications such as laser skin treatments. No surgery, no risk of infection, scarring, recovery time and so on.

Thermage - noninvasive facelift

Short Effective Thermage Treatment Sessions. You can get facelift-like results using thermage from a single session. Remember, however that your skin tightening and fuller and fresher appearance is not completed merely during your procedure… rather you’ll experience additional skin tightening some time following thermage treatment in order for your underlying deeper skin tissue areas to respond.

The Technical Side Of Your Thermage Procedure. Highly processed electrical energy is converted into radio frequencies that can be carefully targeted into tissues areas, at precisely determined depths within your skin. Result? The thermage applicator tip manipulates sub-dermal tissues, stimulating collagen production through heat. Your increase in collagen immediately causes an “uplifting” to occur… pushing up and filling in wrinkles and sagging surface volumes. Your thermage “results” continue to improve during the post-treatment period due to a natural tendency of your skin to continue producing… and tightening from increased collagen.

Post Thermage: How You’ll Look And Feel. Expect some redness, minor swelling, or even blisters akin to sunburn after your thermage procedure. These minor stresses fade away in several days. Your skin and contour will certainly be enhanced, with noticeable improvements immediately. Only a statistically insignificant population segment experiences ‘negative’ results in the form of surface depressions forming. Your best strategy is to go over these risk issues with your trained cosmetic thermage practitioner… also undergo a skin health exam in order to ensure that you have no skin infections or underlying condition that might inhibit your expected results from thermage.

Costs And Options For Patient Financing. Be practical. Obtain a clear cost estimate for your thermage treatment plan. If you can’t afford payments today… yet you want the skin rejuvenating results… then ask about patient financing plans.


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