Laser Scar Treatment And Laser Scar Removal

New advanced laser scar treatment technologies offer improved longer lasting skin tissue appearance. Learn about scar diagnosis and treatment strategies and how these impact the number of laser scar removal treatments.

 Improving Appearances With Safe Pulse Energy Laser Scar Treatments

Anatomy Of Scars. Beyond the psychological and social factors, scarring reflects wound-healing anatomic irregularities. Result? Before undergoing laser scar treatment, you want your doctor to carefully assess the class of scar that you’re presenting on your skin surface. For example, laser scar treatment can reduce hypertrophic scars…pinkish raised tissues where collagen synthesis has been locally disrupted… resulting in thickened hard skin… and these scars can worsen over time.

Laser Scar Removal and Treatments

Laser scar treatment can be used also with keloid scar tissue…reddish purple…thicker than hypertrophic scars… extending often beyond the wound perimeter… especially prevalent in darker skinned persons. Acne scars result in pitted lesions or depressions where skin disease bacteria (p.acnes or other) take root. Make-up only aggravates the underlying scar condition. And then there’s stretch marks… fallout from rapid weight loss… or even aggressive weight lifting strength building programs… or pregnancy.

How Laser Scar Treatment Works. Each class of scar creates the need for sensitive diagnosis and treatment planning. Concentrated light energy is carefully power-calibrated to your skin condition. Delivery of this additional “energy” below your surface skin triggers fibroblasts to become active again… dividing … stimulating ‘normal’ collagen production. Result? Skin thickens, with your scar area more closely resembling the surrounding skin tissue.

Does Laser Scar Treatment Eliminate Or Reduce Scarring. Realistically, laser scar treatment is all about reducing rather than totally eliminating scarring presence. Expectations need to be kept conservative.

Qualifying For Laser Scar Treatment. Where possible you should present a disease-free condition for your doctor to work with. No current skin infections is a minimal patient requirement.

Selecting The Right Doctor And Scar Removal Treatment Plan. Getting the right health care practitioner is critical to your success with laser scar removal technology. Your doctor must be skilled in assessing your unique scar class… and then establish the right treatment protocol. Light-based medical procedures are highly technical in nature, in order to match the laser energy and type with the tissues which have aberrantly formed into scars.

Costs And Patient Financing . Some laser scar treatment plans can occur the same day as underlying wound surgery occurs. Result? Your laser treatment plan may be included in the insurance covered expenses. Otherwise, any cosmetic or “elective” laser scar treatment program means out-of-pocket expenses. You either pay up-front… or you ask your doctor for a patient financing plan.

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