Laser Hair Removal And Laser Facial Hair Removal Plans

Laser hair removal avoids the embarrassing excess hair that builds over your body, face, legs, arms, back, chest and bikini line. Find out about laser facial hair removal techniques, whether you qualify, cost guide and more.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Advantages

Quick Effective Treatments. Light-based laser facial hair removal procedures can be effective in just over 5 minutes for the area above your lips… or around 15 to 20 minutes for the balance of your face.

Technically Speaking. What creates the successful laser hair loss is the use of carefully calibrated light spectrums… and power settings… directed deep into your hair follicles. Result? Any hair follicle receiving the laser pulse automatically absorbs the tissue-heating light directly into the follicle and melanin. Why “melanin” and not the surrounding tissues? Laser facial hair removal is all about ”targeting” the light beam into the hair follicle, which now absorbs the pulse radiation… heats up… effectively stopping hair growth in its tracks.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

How Long Laser Facial Hair Removal Results Last. Laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent.. results might last years. However, since hair continues to grow… and emerge… you’ll want follow-on treatments.

Qualifying As A Candidate. Due to genetics, aging, time, lifestyle and assorted factors, most of the adult population of men and women experience conflicting patterns of hair growth… and hair loss. Leg hair, hair above the lip or on the chest can become an embarrassment to many women, who since 1995 now turn to laser facial hair removal as an outstanding treatment option. Men lose hair… gain hair on their ears… suddenly notice the advancing hair line coming over the shoulders at the same time as their forehead hair line rapidly recedes. In general people with dark skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser facial hair removal. Reason? It’s the dark pigmenting agent, melanin, which is targeted by the laser. Conversely, pale white skinned people, people with very blonde or white hair and reddish skin get somewhat marginal results. People on photo-sensitive medications do not make for good candidates for laser hair removal.

Typical Laser Facial Hair Treatment Plans. Laser hair removal targets the anatomy and growth cycle of your hair. Most of your body’s hair follicles are active or growing 80% or more of the time. However, in any one location, some number of hair follicles are dormant, while others are active. Result? Your laser facial hair removal treatment plan must be “staged” over an initial 3 to 4 months, until all hair follicles have been “zapped” during their active growth phase.

Laser Hair Removal Costs. Time and surface area drive the costs for laser facial hair removal. Generally, you can expect session rates to range from $150 to $500 based upon the density of hair… surface area… and application time. Look into patient financing plans offered by some clinics in order to get your results, yet make installment payments.

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