Reduce Wrinkles With Sculptra Cosmetic Filler

Sculptra® cosmetic filler reduces wrinkles, lines and furrows around your mouth, eyes, cheeks, lips and neck with a safe biocompatible fat volume substitute. Sculptra® can produce semi permanent results with a fuller fresher more youthful appearance.

Getting Full Advantage Of New Sculptra® Wrinkle Filler Technology

Semi Permanent Results With Sculptra®. Filling in lines and wrinkles… getting a fuller fresher and more youthful appearance gets easier when you undergo the Sculptra® wrinkle filler treatment plan. Like many people, your face’s fatty deposits thin-out over time. Result? Wrinkles and creases appear.. and then deepen around your mouth, neck, eyes and cheeks. You may not “feel” different but you’re certainly “looking” different. Get a safe and proven solution by undergoing an anti wrinkle Sculptra® treatment plan based on injectable soft dermal fillers. Bottom line? Most patients get two years or more with Sculptra® rather than the typical 3 to 6 month result with collagen or fat cosmetic fillers.

Sculptra Cosmetic Filler

The Safety Factor With Sculptra®. Biologically inert, Sculptra® poses no health risk based on immune system ‘tissue rejection’. Technically, Sculptra® is a synthetic formulation derived from naturally occurring lactic acid in your muscles. This same general compound has had years of successful medical applications as dissolvable stitches as well as soft tissue implants.

The Sculptra® Wrinkler Filler Procedure. Here’s what you’ll experience as you reduce wrinkles using the Sculptra® cosmetic filler. A treatment area, such as around your mouth or cheeks, receives a pattern if carefully spaced volume-controlled injections of Sculptra® deep beneath your skin. What happens next is that your body ‘naturally’ transports collagen and fibroblast material to the treatment site. Result? After about 2 weeks a structure forms…your skin thickens naturally… your appearance slowly reverts to an earlier more youthful fresher and fuller appearance as wrinkles subside and cheeks take-on new definition.

Limited Health Risks Explained. You need to be in a generally good state of health before undertaking your Sculptra® anti wrinkles treatment program. No surface skin infections should be present. You need to avoid use of aspirin or Vitamin E, which may cause bleeding and excessive bruising. Otherwise, you have a near-zero risk of any immune system problems. Likewise, the risk of disease transmission is near-zero since your Sculptra® formulation is kept sterile, along with the injection needles. To be sure, you’ll feel some initial pain and discomfort… temporary swelling for a day or so… redness… all subsides quickly.

Costs And Patient Financing Plans. Sculptra® offers a more robust result than traditional collagen and fat cosmetic fillers, so you’ll need to create a treatment plan and then get firm cost estimates from your plastic surgeon. Nowadays, many practices offer patient financing plans.




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