Restylane Cosmetic Wrinkle Filler Overview

Reduce wrinkles with leading edge Restylane® cosmetic filler. Deep folds and furrows, sunken cheeks and lip augmentation are possible with non-animal based safe and FDA approved Restylane®.

Advantages With Your Restylane® Anti Wrinkle Treatment Plan

Quick “Lunch Hour” Treatments And Convenience. Over one million men and women have undergone Restylane® cosmetic filler treatment plans since the mid 1990’s. A key advantage with Restylane® wrinkle filler treatments is that typical treatment duration ranges from mere minutes to one hour. Trained dermatologists or plastic surgeons can effectively treat you in the time you normally take off for lunch. Result? Back from lunch, you’ll look fresher, more youthful and with a fuller face.

Restylane Cosmetic Filler

Evaluating Whether You’re A Good Candidate For Restylane®. Medium to deep creases… folds… sunken cheeks… as well as finer lines such as “crows feet” are all good cosmetic ‘candidates’ for Restylane®. Be certain, however, that you disclose any underlying health condition… disease… or use of prescription medications or even certain vitamins such as Vitamin E which can exaggerate bruising and redness… or aspirin which can cause your blood to thin. Your Restylane® health practitioner should submit you to a proper health screening… asking questions… evaluating your skin health… diet… lifestyle…treatment plan expectations.

How Long Your Restylane® Results Will Last . Great news for patients is that Restylane® results tend to last considerably longer than traditional collagen or injectable fat cosmetic fillers… perhaps 6 to 9 months or longer rather than 3 to 6 months.

  Limited Health Risk Factors. With Restylane® you have virtually a zero-probability of tissue rejection or immune system risks. Also, you have a next-to-zero chance of disease transmission since both Restylane® solution and needles-for-injection are completely sterile. Yet, you’ll feel some tenderness… puffiness… even redness for perhaps a day.

Restylane® Treatment Protocols. Like other wrinkle filler treatments, Restylane® is relatively simple to administer. However, Restylane® is manufactured in three basic formulations… each with a different viscosity attribute. Issue? Your dermatologist must insure to use the right formulation…making sure that excess beading or “nodules” don’t form, such as around the lips… which could result in odd-looking bumps.

Costs And Patient Financing Plans. No surprise that Restylane® wrinkle filler or lip augmentation treatment costs vary wildly between markets. Expect a single treatment to cost somewhere between $250 to $500. For most people Restylane® wrinkle removal treatments are an “elective” procedure… not qualifying for health plan coverage. The good news is that many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans which you may qualify for.


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