Radiance Semi Permanent Cosmetic Filler Reduces Wrinkles

Radiance® offers a new approved synthetic anti wrinkle cosmetic filler technique to minimize both fine and moderately deep facial lines and creases. Learn about the Radiance® treatment, results you can get, how to select physicians, health risks and more.

Radiance® Cosmetic Filler Opening A New Anti Wrinkle Vista

How Radiance® Works As A Cosmetic Filler. Designed to be tissue compatible and to eliminate immune system or tissue-rejection risks, Radiance® is considered safe. Here’s how Radiance® is applied surgically. Radiance is comprised of calcium and sodium molecules, combined with water and gel. Injected as tiny “micro spheres” of gel deep beneath the outer dermal skin layer, Radiance® cosmetic filler “stays put”… is not absorbed… and triggers your body to deliver a fibrous network around it. Result? Semi-permanent space-filling wrinkle reducing results.

Radiance Cosmetic Filler

Longer Lasting Results From Radiance® Cosmetic Filler Procedure. Before being released for legal off-label use as a cosmetic filler, Radiance® had a successful “track record” in both Europe and America, being used in reconstructive facial surgery and certain dental surgery applications. Similarly, present day AIDS patients suffering from gaunt sagging cheeks are now receiving Radiance® cosmetic filler treatment in order to re-fresh and plump-out their appearance. Rather than 3 to 6 month results with collagen and fat cosmetic fillers, Radiance® may give 2 to 3 years or more before absorption occurs.

Radiance® Technology And Development History. Biologically inert, Radiance® cosmetic filler does not require allergy testing. Radiance® technology is based on low volume injections, placed far deeper than alternative collagen or fat cosmetic fillers. No over correction, or injecting greater volume than actually necessary as with collagen injections, is necessary with Radiance. Also, no special instruments or surgical tools are necessary with Radiance®.

What About Health Risks Of Radiance®. Radiance® injections are initially quite painful. However, pain levels immediately drop. Tissue rejection is not considered a health risk because Radiance® is biocompatible… based on calcium, sodium, water and gel. In certain cases, small nodules can form… such as around the lips or in tear troughs… however this bumpiness can be easily corrected.

 Costs And Treatment Plans. Radiance and the new class of “semi-permanent” cosmetic fillers represent key innovations, however long term performance standards remain unknown. Physicians offering Radiance® treatments do so at their discretion. Make sure to evaluate your doctor’s history of Radiance® procedures… contact past patients for referrals. Unless you intend “cosmetic” changes, Radiance® may be included in your health care coverage plan.


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