Reduce Wrinkles With Collagen Fillers

Collagen fillers offer a medically safe low impact cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles. Explore how you can reduce wrinkles on your hands, face, neck or elsewhere with a collagen filler treatment plan.

Collagen Filler Wrinkle Treatment Guide For Best Results

What’s Involved In Your Collagen Filler Procedure. Purified cow or bovine collagen is used to create the purified hygienically safe injectable collagen filler used to reduce fine lines and low depth wrinkles. A broad based protein, collagen fillers generally pose minimal health risk in terms of “tissue rejection”. Here’s what happens in your collagen filler procedure. Along the edge of your wrinkle or line, your surgeon injects a needle that’s been prior filled with saline-collagen. The collagen filler solution is “pumped” into the adjacent tissue… over-filling the area to reduce lines and to accommodate for future absorption of some of the collagen. You don’t feel much pain, since the needle is tiny, and often a local anesthetic can be mixed into the collagen filler solution.

Collagen Fillers

Evaluating Your Needs. Collagen fillers address low volume lines and wrinkles… think “crows feet” line volumes rather than any deep furrows which are better resolved via full-bore brow surgery or surgery.

Selecting The Best Collagen Filler Cosmetic Surgeon. Interview at least three cosmetic surgeons who offer collagen filler procedures. See if you feel comfortable with their manner… do they understand your needs… do they offer clear understandable explanations about procedure and expectations… do they offer patient referrals. Select based on performance history and personal manner.

How Long Your Results Hold. Collagen fillers are not designed as “permanent solutions” such as face lifts or brow lifts. You can expect immediate and positive results from your collagen filler procedure… however, in time the material becomes re-absorbed into your body. Result? You’ll need ongoing procedures in order to maintain that look.

Collagen Fillers Health Risks. The bovine or cow-sourced collagen filler material has been thoroughly pasteurized or purified in order to reduce the likelihood of tissue rejection. However, rejection can occur. Also, a small risk of infection can occur, associated with the needle and injection process. Some redness and minor discomfort will occur but goes away in 24 hours.

Costs. Broad pricing standards may exist, within a market such as Los Angeles or New York. Your best advice is to get a thorough cost estimate from your cosmetic surgeon during your interview, and then compare prices online. There’s nothing to stop you from negotiating prices, however beware that you “get what you pay”.


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