Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Benefits

Face lift cosmetic surgery offers a safe and new lease on your looks. Discover what’s involved in face lift procedures, how to select the best surgeon, how to create realistic expectations and more.

Getting The Right Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Evaluating Your Needs And Wants. Face it. As time and aging “dig in” your skin loses it’s shape and elasticity… your facial and neck muscles gradually lose tone. Result? Your skin sags… lines and creases form… your looks are gradually transformed, even while the “you” within you feels just the same. If you’d like to create modest changes in order to regain a more youthful appearance equal to how you feel, then face lift plastic surgery may hold the answer.

Face lift

What’s Involved In A Face Lift Procedure. Described at its simplest, a face lift ‘takes up the slack” in skin and muscle tone. Sagging furrowed skin becomes “tightened up”. Benefits? You’ll likely look and feel younger and better about yourself overnight. Technically your face lift procedure involves scalpel incisions within your hairline… in an arc-shaped cut encircling your ear. Additional incisions may occur under the chin in order to resolve excess tissue and “hanging” appearance. Deposited fat is gently removed… excess skin is freed from the target areas… underlying muscles and membranes are tightened… skin from below and above the incisions is drawn together, sutured or surgically stapled.

How Much Scarring Can You Expect. The bulk of incisions made during a face lift surgery are located “within” your hairline. Result? Any superficial scarring becomes well hidden by your hair. However, if your face lift operation also included work around your neck, then you’ll see evidence of discrete scarring reflecting those incisions made on open skin areas such as below the chin.

Multiple Procedures. Based on your unique needs, your surgeon may advise you to undergo multiple face lift procedures, in order to give you the results you’re looking for. In certain cases, your overall surgery plan may include a brow lift as well as eye lift surgery. Reason? You don’t want just part of your face to suddenly appear wrinkle-reduced.. meanwhile leaving heavy drooping skin below your neck or hooded eyes.

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