Understanding Thread Face Lift Surgery And Surgeon Selection

Thread face lift cosmetic surgery offers an innovative, short procedure technique for creating facial appearance results holding for up to five years. Learn about the thread lift surgery procedure and how to select surgeons.

Guide To Best Results From Thread Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Identifying The Best Thread Lift Surgeon. Modifying your looks surgically is serious business. Build up some conceptual knowledge about what contour thread face lift surgery is… and is not. In reality, there’s no room for error when contemplating thread lift plastic surgery … you wear your face to the public every day. Next, schedule one-on-one interviews with at least three top face lift surgeons in your area… or travel to major centers such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Texas.

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Screening Interviews With Your Surgeon Candidates. Prepare a list of key questions about what you’ll experience before-during-after your thread face lift surgery. You’re the customer… contracting for an important medical service… which requires sophisticated medical training and surgical techniques. Get patient referrals for you to contact. Look for the right “feel” and sense of commitment from your thread lift surgeon. Before settling on #1 surgeon, you should do a background check with your State medical licensing board… verify his credentials… check to make sure that there is no history or pattern of consumer complaints.

What’s Involved With Thread Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery. On surgery day, you’ll be prepped by a nurse-technician… changing into theater garments… your thread lift procedure will be reviewed again in order to verify your understanding and commitment. Thread lift surgery requires local anesthetic… you’ll remain conscious of the procedure, although “numbed out”. Thread lift surgery is focused on the mid-face areas, brow, neck and chin primarily. A hollow needle, containing the “threads” is inserted at a spot … then the thread is surgically anchored to your underlying harder tissues. Next, the thread is directed… under your skin… to a location about 4 inches apart from the initial incision. The thread is uniquely designed to carry barb-like filaments which ‘hook’ or cleat themselves into you interior tissue. Your surgeon now gently pulls the thread, which causes your skin to “lift” back into a position much like when you were younger. To complete the thread lift surgery, your surgeon now securely anchors the other end. Repeat this four times per facial area and you emerge with a totally transformed appearance.

Benefits Of Thread Lift Cosmetic Surgery. You’ll get virtually instant appearance improvements… which may last for 3 to 5 years or more. Your thread lift procedure is relatively short, when compared to traditional face lift surgery.

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