Contour Threads™ Face Lift Overview

Get immediate results in shorter time with a Contour Threads™ face lift procedure. Less invasive, faster, lower cost thread lift face procedures described, how you qualify, selecting the best cosmetic surgeon.

Contour Threads™ Face Lift Procedure Explained Simply

Determining Your Facial Appearance Needs And Wants. The thing about seeking a thread lift procedure is appearances… how your face has aged over time. Deep furrows… crows feet lines… fatty deposits… stretched and sagging skin… puffy eyelids… skin losing its elasticity… all these issues accumulate over time. Background causes? There’s no one set simple explanation for why some people’s face remains youthful while others ‘collapse’… family heredity and genetic ‘baggage’… stress and lifestyle… diet food and nutrition choices… illness… tendency to eat more, work less and create fat accumulations.

Face lift

What’s Involved In Your Contour Threads™ Face Lift Procedure. Hygienic suture-like threads are used … located beneath your skin, anchored in up to 4 inch lengths into your interior facial firm tissues. Your surgeon inserts the thread… passes it along underneath your skin… barb-like structures within the thread quickly create friction and give the thread ‘grabbing power’. Here’s where a simple technology works a small miracle. Your thread lift surgeon carefully pulls on the barbed thread… and literally pulls up your sagging skin… all from the inside. When you’ve got the right target ‘look’, your surgeon ties-off the thread, anchoring it in place. About four threads are used per facial section for qualifying candidates.

Qualifying As A Candidate For Contour Threads™ Face Lift Surgery. A certain amount of facial fatty deposit is necessary for getting the best results from thread face lift surgery. Older people, thin, with gaunt tight and fragile skin texture … or excessively obese persons with over-sized jowly folds present too extreme a condition for Contour Threads™ face lift surgery. Instead these people need to consult a surgeon and explore traditional face lift surgery.

Target Areas For Contour Threads™ Face Lifts. These chemically inert non-absorbable threads can last for up to five years. Your Contour Threads™ face lift targets the mid face, brow, and neck regions typically.

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