Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Overview

Cosmetic eyelid surgery minimizes bags and puffiness around your eyes. Discover what’s involved in single or double eyelid surgery, how to select the best surgeon, health preparations, goal setting and more.

Getting Best Results From Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Getting The Right Appearance. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is all about safely creating a fresher younger appearance in your eyes. Time takes its toll… the eyes gather crows feet wrinkles on the margins… fat deposits grow in both the upper and lower eyelids… your eyelid skin sags… underlying muscles stretch… eyelid skin loses its tensile elasticity quality. Once the process of fat deposits and saggy skin develops, most women and men have little choice but to address the solution through cosmetic eyelid surgery. The consumer good news is that blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery has attracted new technologies and surgical techniques, accordingly is a low risk and well understand surgical procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

Summary Of The Eyelid Surgery Procedure. You and your surgeon share some common goals when creating your cosmetic eyelid surgery plan. Core issues include upper eyelids only … or double eyelid surgery? What’s your eyelid skin quality and health… what volume of fat has been deposited and where? Here’s the general eyelid surgery focus. Tiny incisions can be made in your upper eyelid… in the crease…following the natural curve of your eyelids. Carefully your surgeon lifts and separates your eyelid skin from the underlying tissues and muscles… removes excess fatty deposits… re-tensions underlying muscles… excises stretched skin… then closes the incision with extremely fine sutures. Both upper and lower eyelid surgery follow this broad pattern.

Important Health Screening: Qualifying For Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is not about reversing age. Some ‘stuff’ occurs as we grow older and you should balance your outlook to accept some incremental aging changes. However, cosmetic eyelid surgery can deal with all the other ‘stuff’… excess fat deposits… skin sagging that may be due to lifestyle or family heredity. Look to your pre-op health screening in order to bring your full medical history into review. Medical factors to be especially aware of include dry eye insufficient tear production… high blood pressure… thyroid imbalance… eye disorders such as glaucoma or retinal problems.


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