Eyelid Surgery Procedure Guide

See if you qualify for cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures. Single or double eyelid surgery procedures explained. Selecting your surgeon, planning your eyelid surgery, surgery preparation and recovery guidelines.

Create A Successful Eyelid Surgery Plan For Best Results

Picking The Best Surgeon. Getting ‘results’ is all about getting the best eyelid surgery professional. So, how to select the right person? To begin with, approach your eyelid surgery needs as a ‘process’… create a simple plan… and stick to it. Learn about cosmetic eyelid procedure below so that you form a ‘concept’. Next, set up interviews with at least three plastic surgeons. Expect each interview to take 30 minutes of longer. Prepare some questions… identify your issues… be able to describe your appearance ‘goals’ and what you want to get out of your eyelid surgery. Get the surgeons to talk… see if they listen well to your needs… are they empathetic and caring towards you. Do they describe the entire eyelid surgery process… preparation through to recovery, including health risks. Trust your instincts… pick the surgeon who does the best job of connecting to you.
Eyelid Surgery

Digital Photos, Computer Modeling And Your Surgery Plan. Check to see if you will have digital photos taken in order to create a ‘modeling’ of how you might appear after the eyelid surgery recovery phase.

The Eyelid Surgery Procedure. Cosmetic eyelid surgery runs up to three hours. Your surgery plan sets out the scope of the procedures in either one… or several blepharoplasty procedures. Prior to entering the surgery theater, you’ll receive local anesthetic along with a sedative. You’ll be relaxed, conscious yet pain-free throughout the procedure. Your surgeon commences with carefully inscribed incisions to the crease area of your upper eyelids… following the anatomical curves of your eye shape. Eyelid skin is gently pulled away from the underlying tissues… fatty deposits carefully removed… underlying eye muscles ‘adjusted’ to increase tensioning… excess skin associated with ‘bags’ removed… sutures are inserted in order to close the incision. In the lower eyelid surgery… think double eyelid procedures for planning… the surgeon’s incision may take place just below your eyelashes… or if your lower eyelids have fatty deposits but no need to excise skin, then an incision can be made inside the lower eyelid.

Combination Procedures For Expanded Results. Assuming your eye health is OK, and you have extensive facial wrinkling, sagging, and so on, then you might qualify for combination procedures. Your eyelid surgery might be integrated into a larger surgery plan including a forehead brow lift… a face lift… nose surgery… or even chin surgery.

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