Laser Eyelid Surgery Guide To Benefits

Discover whether tech enhanced laser eyelid surgery is right for your needs. Learn how laser blepharoplasty improves surgical effectiveness, reduces bleeding, accelerates your recovery.

Getting The Advantages Of Laser Eyelid Surgery

Advantages Of Laser Eyelid Surgery. Unlike traditional scalpel-based surgical procedures, laser eyelid surgery uses a controlled laser energy beam to create an incision.. instantly sealing the adjoining tissues. Result? Your surgeon gains remarkable precision. Meanwhile, you experience far less bleeding during laser eyelid surgery… less post-operative bruising… less time in-surgery… speedier recovery.

Eyelid Surgery

Pre Operative Preparations You Take. Your patient preparations leading up to laser blepharoplasty are similar to other surgeries… avoid meds and aspirins and antihistamines or blood-thinning medications… certain foods and drinks are OK, many are not…no smoking which tends to reduce blood vascular efficiency which is necessary for responsive healing.

How Laser Eyelid Surgery Is Performed. The pattern for laser incisions will trace the actual anatomy of your upper or lower eyelid… creating a curved-shape incision within the crease of your upper eyelid… or just below your eyelashes in the lower eyelid. In this general sense laser eyelid surgery ‘looks’ like conventional older surgery procedures. The key advantage carried by laser eyelid surgery is the enhancement of surgical precision. Eyelid tissues are separated… immediately sealing or being cauterized by the laser beam. Eyelid skin tissue is gently lifted to reveal underlying fatty deposits which are reduced… muscles are ‘tightened’… excess stretched skin associated with baggy drooping eyes is removed… tiny sutures are installed to close the incision.

Recovery Factors. Laser eyelid surgery reduces, yet doesn’t eliminate risk of bleeding… scarring… infection… potential nerve damage… surgeon’s error in failing to create a ‘symmetric’ look between your left and right eye. To be sure, laser eyelid surgery recovery is quicker than traditional surgery recoveries… you’ll experience some stiffness and soreness… but significantly less swelling. Expect to use antibiotic drops in your eyes for a week or more. Ice compresses will reduce discomfort and swelling. Realistically, you can emerge from laser eyelid surgery and be comfortably back at work in about a week.

Costs And Financing. Laser eyelid surgery is “elective”… unless you can medically assert that your vision is impaired by dropping eyelids, which then might qualify you for insurance coverage. Fortunately, you can now potentially qualify for laser eyelid surgery financing plans.

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