Asian And Double Eyelid Surgery

Reduce bags and sags around your eyes with double eyelid surgery. Besides reducing unwanted puffiness and sagging, new cosmetic procedures provide discrete sculpting with Asian eyelid surgery.

Overview Of Double Eyelid Surgery

Knowing If You Qualify For Double Eyelid Surgery. Time and aging processes create major changes to your appearance. Double eyelid surgery sets out to reduce… not eliminate… some of the gravity-induced sagging and puffiness accumulating around the upper and lower eyelids. Who are the ‘usual suspects’ in terms of causes? Family heredity… lifestyle and diet resulting in fatty deposits building up… eyelid skin gradually losing tone and elasticity… stress… illness… eye and facial muscles gradually losing tone and firmness. Eyelid Surgery

The Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure Reviewed. Here’s what’s involved in double eyelid surgery. First, on surgery day you change into surgical garments… receive a local anesthetic and sedative so that you’ll remain conscious yet pain-free during the operation. Technically, the double eyelid procedure reflects a surgery plan where your surgeon will likely do both top eyelids first… then do both bottom eyelids. Incisions within the crease of your upper eyelid follow the natural anatomical shape of your eye… and can be made with a scalpel or you might undergo laser eyelid surgery where a laser beam creates the incision. Outer skin tissue is separated from underlying tissues… fatty deposits carefully removed… underlying eye muscles are re-tensioned… excess stretched skin associated with puffiness is removed… tiny sutures are inserted to close the incision. In the second half of your double eyelid surgery, the same strategy is used, however incisions are typically made just below your eyelash line.

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery. Where reviewed and approved as medically appropriate, Asian double eyelid surgery can also include some minor cosmetic sculpting of the eyelids, in order to re-shape the tissue and moderate the more pronounced ethnic look, which certain Asians find attractive. Asian eyelid surgery should only be considered where your surgeon provides a clear and successful history of patient operations.

Timing, Costs, Recovery. Expect your double eyelid surgery to be around 3 hours… conducted in one or several surgery sessions. Recovery means low stress R&R… no heavy lifting as might build blood pressure… avoiding extreme sun exposure… taking antibiotic drops into your eyes… some swelling and stiffness… managing risks such as infection…perhaps resuming work in 1 to 2 weeks. Double eyelid surgery costs vary, however as an “elective” surgery you might want to explore whether you qualify for financing...get your appearance changes ‘today’… pay for them ‘tomorrow’.

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