Cosmetic Ear Surgery To Reshape Into Natural Ears

Cosmetic ear surgery can give you a more natural looking ear shape. Pinning ears which over-extend, reducing or enlarging ears, qualifying for otoplasty surgery, locating surgeons and more.

Ear Surgery For Normal Looking Ears

Results You Can Expect From Plastic Ear Surgery. By now you’ve heard all the reasons why you or your child inherited irregularly shaped ears. The good news is that medically safe cosmetic ear surgery can make a difference. Ears that protrude unnaturally from the side of your head can be “pinned”. Result? Your ears lie more flatly against your head, creating a more ‘normal’ appearance. What about extra-large ears? Again, plastic ear surgery can discretely remove excess cartilage…and then re-shape your ear. Similarly, under-sized small ears can be surgically built-up, in order to create a normally sized ear.

Ear Pinning and Reshaping

Knowing If Your Qualify For Ear Surgery. For many people, ears grow more or less to full adult size sometime after 4 years up to age 14. For kids, cosmetic ear surgery … prior to going to school … avoids the sort of school yard ridicule and embarrassment that certainly can occur. However, mature adults can safely undergo cosmetic ear surgery and achieve similar appearance results. Whether child or adult, you’ll want to qualify yourself in terms of current health status, making sure that you or your child has no underlying disease condition.

Will Ear Surgery Results Be Permanent. Both reconstructive and cosmetic ear surgery results in permanent appearance improvements. Think of it as re-shaping cartilage material, and then binding it via permanent sutures. Similarly, when ear lobes have been stretched… or over-sized ears are reduced or sculpted then results are permanent.

Technical Side Of Otoplasty Ear Surgery. Your surgeon will guide you in the pre-operative phase, in terms of medications to avoid which may include blood pressure meds… aspirin… non steroidal anti-inflammatory meds…avoiding smoking… and more contra-indicated substances. For your ear surgery, local or general anesthesia along with a sedative may be administered. Incisions along the back face of your ear are made… cartilage either excised or ‘folded over’… sutures inserted… bandages applied…all in 2 to 4 hours of surgery time.


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