Qualifying For Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery can create subtle or radical appearance changes. Learn about the otoplasty ear surgery procedure, health screening issues, selecting the right surgeon, recovery issues and costs.

Getting The Benefits Of Plastic Ear Surgery

Background Steps: Learn About Otoplasty. A wide range of surgical techniques are available to you and the other 25,000 people who elect this procedure each year. Medically safe proven techniques can pin ears into a more ‘normal’ position… reduce excessively large ears … carefully build-up smaller ears… or even totally reconstruct a new ear for persons born without ears.

Ear Pinning and Reshaping

Locating The Best Surgeon. All surgery is serious… reconstructive or cosmetic ear surgery is no exception. Here’s how you need to proceed, in order to get the right surgeon…and to protect yourself from certain risks. Step 1 is to contact, and then interview, at least three surgeons. Take your question and issues notes with you… listen carefully… make sure that you ‘feel’ OK about the surgeon and whether he or she shows the sort of knowledge and empathy that matches your needs. Ask for patient referrals, which you need to call before making a doctor selection.

Your Health Screening. You want to make sure that you’re in optimal health for your ear surgery procedure. Make sure to advise your doctor of any prescription meds that you may be taking such as blood pressure meds… cholesterol meds… thyroid condition or other condition. Similarly, you need to avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds … aspirin or any blood-thinning agent… and even certain nutrients such as St. John’s wart... avoid smoking. Monitor your health and re-schedule your ear surgery if you become ill, experience some manner of infection and so on.

Understanding The Technical Side Of Cosmetic Ear Pinning Surgery. In your surgery, which may take between 2 to 4 hours depending upon the nature and complexity of your needs, you’ll receive either local anesthesia plus a sedative (adults) or general anesthesia (generally for kids). In ear pinning surgery, small incisions will trace the outer surface of your ear. Interior cartilage may either be trimmed… or folded and pinned … with non-dissolvable sutures inserted in order to create permanent results. The longer external incision will also be sutured, bandages applied.

Estimated Costs For Cosmetic Ear Surgery. Actual costs will be driven by the amount of time… and complexity… of your procedure. Remember that you’re paying for the surgeon’s time… assistants…anesthesia… surgery theater and recovery room facilities and services. Prior to surgery you should have received a cost estimate that might show estimated fees and expenses near the national average of around $2,500 for otoplasty. Cash may be tight, so you do have financing alternative which may include 12-month to over 36 month installment payment plans, which your doctor can advise on.




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