Cosmetic Ear Surgery Health Risks, Recovery And Costs

Cosmetic ear surgery health risks include infection, scarring, tissue healing abnormalities and more. Qualify yourself for otoplasty surgery, manage direct and indirect health risks, learn about recovery protocols and costs.

 Guideline To Plastic Ear Surgery Health Risks, Recovery And Money

Phase 1: Pre-Operative. Prior to your schedule cosmetic ear surgery procedure, you need to undergo a thorough health screening exam. Your doctor should look for any disease symptoms that might indicate underlying conditions that might impact on your surgery. Colds, flu, infection, organ dysfunction on the “physical” plane. Meanwhile, you and your surgeon need to establish clear healthy psychological profile… realistic expectations about the sort of appearance change you can get from ear surgery.

Ear Pinning and Reshaping

Phase 2: Stuff To Avoid. Remember to full disclose to your surgeon all current prescription drugs that you may be taking… blood pressure meds… cholesterol lowering drugs… or any other prescribed substance. Men, for example, typically show far higher blood pressure values than women, accordingly can be prone to risk of hematoma or blood clotting in the area of the surgery. Not life threatening or especially problematic so long as these miniscule blood clots are treated within 24 hours. Avoid a wide range of over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin which promotes blood thinning, and which might cause excess bleeding during surgery. Anti-histamines and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also create ‘mischief’ within an ear surgery procedure. Avoid any form of smoking. Stay away from St. John’s wart and related nutrients. Your ear surgery doctor may also recommend the sorts of food and beverage that will not interfere during surgery time.

Phase 3 : Surgery Risks. Face it. All surgery is serious stuff. Incisions… body tissues subject to altering… in certain cases foreign tissue implants are inserted. Here’s the ‘short list’ of things to be aware of in terms of cosmetic ear surgery risks… scarring from the incisions… failure of your tissues to mend or heal correctly… bleeding and bruising and swelling…infection… adverse reaction to anesthesia… the risk of a poorly executed ear surgery plan where the surgeon does a lousy job and you end up with mal-proportioned ears, or they sit at opposing angles against your head.

Phase 4: Recovery. Expect to be off work for a week… for kids even longer. Your ears and side of head will remain sore for several weeks. At the close of your ear surgery, your head will be carefully wrapped in sterile support bandaging in order to assist your rapid healing. Expect that you may need some pain meds for several days. Check-up doctor’s visit should take place within 10 days. External sutures will be removed. Internal permanent sutures are non-dissolvable and are left in place.

Direct And Indirect Costs Of Plastic Ear Surgery. National cost averages for plastic ear surgery range to $3,000, subject to the complexity of your procedure. These will be your ‘direct’ costs, which you can get an estimate of from your surgeon prior to proceeding. ‘In-direct costs’ relate to unpaid leave of absence. If cash is tight…yet you want the results of cosmetic ear surgery… then enquire with your doctor about patient financing plans. 6 month to 36 month payment plans may be available for qualifying persons.


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