Chin Liposuction Treatment For Double Chin Turkey Neck

Chin liposuction procedure radically reduces fatty deposits around your chin and neck. Cosmetic chin liposuction treatment can eliminate double chin problems safely. Tumescent liposuction can combine with neck lift or face lift surgery to re-contour and improve your looks.

Ease And Advantages Of Tumescent Chin Liposuction Surgery

Targeted Focus And Targeted Results. Chin liposuction surgery is all about targeted performance and take-away results for you. Here’s how to create a chin liposuction surgery plan that will give you safety from health risks, plus means to ‘visualize’ results even before your chin augmentation occurs. Think of it as imaging software. Digital photos of your face and chin profile are uploaded into your surgeon’s nearby PC or Mac. Modeling software will then allow you and your doctor to ‘manipulate’ your image so that you can ‘see’ how you’ll look based upon a range of surgical options.

Chin Liposuction Treatment

Technical Side Of Chin Liposuction Surgery. Local anesthesia is administered at the surgical site, which for chin liposuction surgery includes the tissues behind your lower lip and cheeks, or just below your chin. Incisions are tiny, on the order of less than 2.5MM which is similar in profile to ball point pen. The fat suctioning device used is a cannula, which your doctor inserts into the incision area. The cannula is connected on the outside to a specialized vacuum pump. The procedure moves to fat-suctioning where interior fat deposits in your double chin are literally scooped out.

Natural Skin Tightening- Long Lasting Results. You may think… “ but what about sagging excess skin? Wouldn’t I need a face lift or neck lift procedure in order to tighten skin?” Not necessarily. A considerable degree of natural skin tightening occurs after your chin liposuction surgery. The key here is to carefully determine your needs during the pre-op period when your surgery plan is created. Careful measurements, backed in by operating and technical experience, should give your surgeon the means to accurately predict outcomes… and whether chin liposuction should be augmented by a general face lift or related procedure.

Chin Liposuction Surgery Health Risks. Standard sorts of health risks relating to any surgery include bleeding… scarring… infection… bruising… poor surgical technique resulting in mal-proportioned chin profile. Allergic reactions to anesthesia reflect a risk which needs to be identified in the pre-op phase. Before your chin liposuction surgery date, ask for patient-preparation advice… avoiding aspirin and cold-flu medicines… avoiding smoking… advising your doctor of all prescription drugs you take. Making sure you’re as fit and healthy as you can be. Advise your doctor of any surface skin infections, or any underlying disease condition which is critical for your protection.

Costs And Patient Financing. Expect that chin liposuction surgery is “off-plan” and that the expenses will not be covered by your health insurance carrier. You’re facing out-of-pocket costs, which you should be aware of prior to surgery. Cash tight? If so, then ask about patient financing plans that your surgeon or outside specialist financiers may be offering to qualified persons.


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