Chin Implant Surgery For Improved Looks

Medically safe chin implant surgery can create better facial contour and better appearance. Learn about chin implant and chin augmentation procedures, health risks, recovery, surgeon interviews, and costs.

Getting Chin Implant Surgery For Balanced Improved Appearance

What’s The Right Look – Creating Expectations. Chin implant surgery is all about creating controlled ‘minor’ and corrective changes to your chin and jaw line. Target areas? A ‘weak chin’… mal-proportioned jaw line… lack of facial symmetry… fatty deposits… excess skin folds. Realistic expectations as to “how will I look?” emerge after careful discussion with your chin implant surgeon. Here’s what you should look for. A facial anatomy review, a health screening examination, plus digital photos from the front and side profiles of your head. More technology-enabled surgeon practices incorporate ‘modeling software’ where your digital photos can be manipulated in order to show future appearance results. It’s at this point that you and your surgeon agree on the surgery plan.

Chin Implant

Technical Feature Of Chin Implant Surgery. On surgery day, you’ll change into theater garments, prior to being moved into surgery. Expect same-day out-patient surgery, with minimal recovery demands on you. In chin implant surgery, you’ll typically receive anesthesia in the local area where incisions are made, rather than general anesthesia. Surgical incisions for chin implants are relatively small, when compared to face lift long scar incisions. At the start of your 1 hour procedure, your surgeon creates an incision either through your lower lip directly in front of your jaw bone, or an incision directed from underneath your chin. Next, a small tissue ‘pocket’ is created, and then the chin insert (s) is slipped into place. As expected, sutures close the incision site, and then a protective sterile bandage and tape place steady support pressure on your chin, in order to promote rapid and balanced healing.

Risks From Chin Implant Surgery. Surgery is always serious, even a 30 minute to 1 hour chin implant procedure. After all, incisions are being made… foreign objects placed within your living tissues… you’re vulnerable to infectious bacteria and so on. Get your doctor to detail for you the health risks including bleeding… scarring… infection… mis-alignment of your chin implant requiring a second ‘repair’ surgery… immune system response to a ‘foreign object’.

Recovery Guideline. With any facial implant procedure such as chin implants, you’ll be ‘slowed down’ in terms of eating, talking, laughing or generally using your mouth and face. How long? You’ll wait at least a week before sutures can be removed. Meanwhile, you might feel bruising… stiffness… a tightened jaw for a month or longer. You’ll be given antibiotics, plus dressings plus a guide on food and beverage choices.

Costs And Financing Plans. Chin implant surgery is “elective” in nature, therefore unlikely to qualify for insurance reimbursement. You may want the ‘benefits’ of chin implant surgery… but not have the sort of spare cash to pay. If this describes your needs and constraints, then ask your doctor about patient financing and installment payment plans that may be available to qualifying persons like yourself.


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