Cheek Augmentation And Cheek Implants

Cheek augmentation and cheek implant surgery provides the means to improve your appearance, gain balance and symmetry in your looks. Learn how to qualify for cheek implant surgery, how to select the best plastic surgeon and more.

 The Advantages And Benefits Of Cheek Augmentation And Implants

Getting Controllable Appearance Improvements. Cheek augmentation and cheek implant procedures give you the means to make subtle and long-lasting appearance changes. If your facial bone structure has never been quite right… somehow out of balance and lacking symmetry…over time you show ‘sunken cheeks’… then cheek implant dental surgery may offer a simple and safe solution.

Cheek Implants

Combining Cheek Augmentation With Face Lift Surgery. When time, age, family heredity and lifestyle finally convince you to “do something” about your changing face, you’ll want to explore how a combination of cheek implants and a face lift might truly produce the sort of dramatic results you’ve always wanted. Technically, these combination cosmetic surgeries require sophisticated skills and planning, so you’ll want to carefully select your surgeon and jointly develop a surgery plan that best reflects your needs and unique situation. Alternative surgeries that may combine nicely with cheek augmentation include brow lift and eyelid surgery.

 The Technical Side Of Cheek Augmentation Surgery. Face it. You’re looking into permanently altering your face… plus imbedding foreign objects into your cheek bones. Although the cheek implant materials, technology and know how are making it a relatively simple out-patient procedure, it still remains serious stuff that you want to get right. Here’s what happens during cheek augmentation procedures. Expect that general anesthesia will be administered. A tiny incision is made either via your upper lip… or via your lower eyelid. A tissue ‘pocket’ is created by your surgeon. The sterile and chemically inert cheek implant is inserted. Sutures are applied to close the wound.


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