Cheek Augmentation Surgery Overview

Cheek augmentation surgery provides safe proven techniques to create improvements in facial proportion and balance. Learn about cheek implant technical procedures, steps on qualifying surgeons, health risks and more.

Guideline For Cheek Augmentation Candidates

Managing Expectations. Cheek augmentation surgery is all about creating managed and subtle results in your appearance. Your looks won’t radically change, rather you’ll get subtle improvements… balance and proportion across your mid-face and eye areas. Here’s one way to ‘visualize’ your future results. Some plastic surgeons utilize on-site computers, in order to “model” and show you in advance the sort of result you can get with a particular cheek implant shape and size.

Cheek Implants

Health Examination And Qualifying For Cosmetic Surgery. If you’re ready to make significant improvements to your looks… where skin has sagged, cheeks appear hollowed out, or where facial bones appear out-of-line… then cheek augmentation surgery “combined” with a face lift or brow lift may be your best strategy.

In which ever approach you decide upon, you’ll need to fully disclose your present state-of-health. In particular, your health screening or exam should look into your dental structure, dental health as well as your skin health. Any presence of infection, abscises or other irregularities will require the prior advice and collaboration of a dental surgeon, in order to control health risks for you. You’ll also be advised not to take prescription drugs, aspirin or cold-flu medications prior to surgery, as these chemicals can produce complications such as excess bleeding.

What Occurs During Your 1-Hour Cheek Augmentation Surgery. You and your surgeon have agreed upon your overall surgery plan… the changes you’re seeking and the technical steps your surgeon will take. You’ll arrive at the office or out-patient surgery center. You’ll change into surgery garments. Either local or general anesthesia will be administered, based on the particulars of your surgery plan. Locations for the cheek implant are typically in the lower or upper jaw area. Result? Incisions may be made either through your upper lip, or through your lower eyelid. Next, the selected cheek implants are inserted into a tissue pouch created by your surgeon at the insert areas. Incision areas are sutured. You’re moved to the recovery room where you’ll soon awaken and be attended.

Selecting The Best Surgeon. When contemplating cheek augmentation or cheek implant surgery, interview at least three leading plastic surgeons. Schedule 1-on-1 interviews. Bring your questions and issues along. Get the doctor to talk, and to describe the procedure, results, health risks, recovery guide, costs and any other detail or concern that you have. Next, get patient referrals, and then call these people up in order to verify the performance of your doctor.

Costs And Patient Financing Plans. In general, cheek augmentation procedures are considered “elective”. Result? Don’t expect to get payments or coverage from your health insurance carrier. If you’re cash is tight, then ask your doctor about patient financing plans that he or she offers.


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