Cheek Augmentation Surgery Risks Recovery And Costs

Make sure you qualify for cheek augmentation surgery. Learn about health screening patient evaluation prior to cheek implant surgery, health risks, recovery protocols and estimated costs.

Managing Cheek Augmentation Health Risks

Phase 1: Pre Operation Guideline. Be as healthy as your lifestyle permits before starting the process of interviewing cheek augmentation specialists. Take your past health records to your surgeon interviews. Make sure that you also identify any prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications you’re presently taking, such as for high blood pressure, cholesterol, hormone therapy. Some ‘blood-thinner’ medications such as aspirin can become problematic at cheek implant surgery time… creating a tendency for you to bleed rather than coagulate. Foods and beverages that are safe will be explained to you for the week and days prior to your cheek augmentation procedure. No smoking should be considered. Avoid excessive sun exposure and sun damaged skin.

Cheek Implants

Phase 2: Your Surgery Risks. Here’s the scoop on cheek augmentation surgery risks. Anesthesia is administered, so you’ll need to be screened for any allergic reactions. Oral antibiotics may be advised both prior and post cheek implant surgery. Since incisions will be made on your face, you carry risks of scarring and infection. The nature and scope of your operation… skill of your surgeon… may also play out differently to your expectations. From time to time, cheek implants “drift” or move out of position. Result? You’ll need a second operation in order to re-position your implant at its correct site. Tissue rejection based on a “foreign object” immune system response? Yes, a possible surgical risk.

Phase 3: Recovery. Your face and jaw line will be tender for several days following cheek implant surgery, which is normal. Ice compresses will help you to minimize swelling and bruised feeling. Swelling and facial puffiness may persist for 60 days. Food and eating? No surprise here that your jaws will be tender, and you’ll want to intake soft foods for perhaps a week until the tenderness fades. Dental health, hygiene and daily cleaning instructions will be given to you. Talking… smiling… any facial exuberance will attract some discomfort for several days, a week or longer.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery Costs. Your surgery plan, detailing the full costs for your cheek implants, should be provided by your surgeon prior to your surgery date. Although markets such as New York or Beverly Hills vary in pricing, you might expect surgery costs at around $3000. For many people, getting “surgery results today” means that they want to “pay for those surgery results tomorrow”… which means qualifying for patient financing schemes where you might take an installment payment offer.


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