Brow Lift Surgery Risks, Recovery And Costs

Control health risks associated with your brow lift surgery. Learn about pre-op preventive options, in-surgery factors, brow lift recovery protocols, costs and more.

Managing Brow Lift Surgery Health Risks And Planning Recovery

Pre-Operative Risk Factors.

Your core health… before you even approach a brow lift surgeon for an assessment… matters. You should undergo a serious top-to-bottom health screening in order to spot any underlying disease symptoms, such as diabetes… liver disorder… infections, flu or cold… skin disorders… or whatever else emerges. Why? In order to assess any critical health factor, your brow lift surgeon needs to know your health. Think of it as a critical protection to yourself… plus a managing of liability by the doctor.

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Avoid Medications Pre-Surgery. Expect that your brow lift surgeon will advise you against using all but essential prescription drugs… such as blood pressure medication. Meanwhile, you’ll be instructed to avoid any use of tobacco, which impacts blood vessels and healing… also don’t use aspirin or antihistamines which can cause blood thinning and excessive bleeding during a surgery.

Anesthesia. Make sure that you have no allergic reaction to the specific class of anesthetic that will be used during your brow lift surgery.

Surgery Risks. In any “invasive” operation involving incisions such as brow lift surgery alone… or in combination with eye lifts or even face lift surgery… you run health risk of infection. Additionally, standard additional risks include bleeding… failure of skin tissues to heal properly… scarring… nerve damage and numbness that fails to go away… or incompetence by the brow lift surgeon resulting in mis-aligned eyes or eyebrows… that overly-taut news anchorman’s look of permanent surprise.

Recovery. Bandages and dressings… removal of sutures or surgical staples all takes places in the first two weeks following your brow lift surgery. Plan on “looking normal” in around three weeks. You’ll have to refrain from heavy lifting or exercise that might cause your blood pressure to elevate. Care of your skin… to reduce scarring and to promote faster healthier healing … can include the liberal daily use of Vitamin E lotions.

Brow Lift Surgery Costs. Once you have a completed surgery plan, you need to ask your doctor for a thorough cost estimate. You’re likely to be undergoing brow lift surgery as an “elective” procedure… therefore you’ll pick up the tab. The good news is that you don’t need the money today… you may qualify for brow lift surgery financing from plastic surgery financial services firms.


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