Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Overview

Breast reduction surgery safely removes excess skin, fat and tissues and results in smaller firmer well shaped breasts. Find out about the surgery procedure, preparations, recovery and more.

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Guideline To Breast Reduction Surgery

Pre Surgery Preparation. Prior to your breast reduction surgery, you’ll undertake a thorough health exam. Body weight… screening for flu, colds or underlying health conditions such as diabetes… skin health will be closely monitored, looking for any abnormalities which might indicate health issues. You’ll be told to avoid any medications… prescription meds such as blood pressure or cholesterol or related meds … plus avoiding aspirin and flu medications which could result in blood thinning and bleeding during the surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery Overview. On the day of your breast reduction surgery, you’ll report to the surgery center several hours prior to the scheduled operation. Your anesthesiologist will brief you, then administer general anesthetic. Within the surgery theater, your doctor commences by making rounded incisions, mimicking the shape of your nipple and areola… taking the incision in a gentle arc that mirrors the shape of your breasts to where your breast meet in the crease above your chest.

At this point of your breast reduction surgery, your doctor begins the process of carefully excising or removing the excess fat, glandular matter and skin. Next, your nipple and areola are relocated to their new spot… with their underlying blood vessels and nerves intact for most women. Skin from above and below the original incisions is now pulled together… sutures installed.

What You Feel And Can Do After Breast Reduction Surgery. Face it. All surgery is serious, especially when invasive. Result? You’ll be and feel bruised… sore.. tender for several weeks. Expect to wear a specially designed surgical bra immediately after your procedure… and then for several weeks, in order to give you extra support and to permit rapid safe healing. Unless you’re post-menopausal you’ll experience some pain during monthly menstruation, as your breasts naturally swell due to increased estrogen production and hormonal changes.

Costs And Prices For Breast Reduction. Breast reduction surgery prices vary between markets. Your best strategy for this elective surgery is to get a detailed and complete cost estimate from your surgeon… compare it to national average rates… or submit it to your insurance firm to see whether coverage benefits extend to breast reduction surgery based on health needs.

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