Breast Breast Reconstruction For Cancer And Accident Victims

Well established and medically safe breast reconstruction procedures give cancer and accident victims hope for returning to normal life. Learn about the health issues, selecting surgeons, recovery patterns and more.

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Breast Reconstruction Guideline For Women

What’s Involved In Breast Reconstruction. Two medical strategies dominate the breast reconstruction surgical field. For breast cancer victims, breast reconstruction surgery can be considered “at the same time” as their mastectomy or breast removal occurs. Advantages? You have one surgery rather than two. You’ll never see yourself without breasts… rather you’ll emerge from surgery with a fully formed breast mound already in place. Yet, for some women… and their breast reconstruction surgeons… combining both surgeries may not be possible due to uncertainty about whether cancer was 100% eliminated during the mastectomy procedure.

Breast Reconstruction

  Recreating Your New “Natural” Breast. While the surgical technicalities are enormous, your basic choice is between “harvesting” living tissue from within your own body during the breast reconstruction… transplanting tissue, fat and blood vessels to create a new breast mound… or installing an implant device. A breast reconstruction with implant device means that this “foreign object” will be slowly inflated with a safe saline solution… located behind or within your upper chest pectoral muscle region.

“Pool” Your Surgeons’ Expertise. Typically, individual surgeons with expertise in mastectomy and plastic surgery can be “pooled”… developing a wider-purpose surgical plan for your breast reconstruction. On the patient side of the surgery plan, you’ll be carefully evaluated in terms of the severity of your cancer… your prior response to radiation or chemo-therapy… your age, body type, fitness, whether obesity or any underlying disease condition may interfere with your breast reconstruction surgery outcomes.

Psychological Impacts. Cancer… accidents… mastectomy… breast reconstruction pose enormous issues to any woman. You’ll need to be at peace with yourself… accept the changes into your life… use the friendship and love from family and friends as well as the professional guidance of your surgeon together as you re-create your self image amidst new life circumstances. Breast reconstruction is all about improvements… not delivering perfection or guaranteed results.

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