Breast Reconstruction Surgery Procedures To Understand

Breast reconstruction surgery can combine with mastectomy or be performed separately. Find out about breast reconstruction with implant surgery or “flap” tissue transplant surgery.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Process Reviewed

Health Screening. Besides the issues created by cancer or accidents, your overall health will be carefully screened prior to your breast reconstruction surgery. Health factors include age… body type… whether obesity is a factor… use of prescription medications such as for blood pressure or cholesterol… family heredity… smoking…presence of underlying disease ailments from flu to diabetes. Your surgeons will carefully guide you through these health risk factors prior to determining the appropriateness of breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Combining With Implants. One option to discuss with your surgeons is the use of an implant in order to synthetically create a breast mound for you. In this breast reconstruction surgery procedure, a tissue expander is inserted within your chest wall pectoral muscle area… saline solution is gradually injected… the device gradually expands into the shape and size of breast you’re looking for. Be aware, however, that an implant is a “foreign object”… and your body will either reject it or deposit calcium along with scar tissue in a matt around the implant…which could over time solidify into a hard un-natural “feel”. Plus, implants will never be a “permanent” solution… expect replacement in no less than 10 years.

DIEP Breast Reconstruction Based On Transplanting Your Body Tissues. An evolving technology, DIEP breast reconstruction surgery, exploits the natural advantages of “harvesting” your own body tissues… from your lower stomach above the bikini line… your upper thigh and buttocks… transplanting tissue, fat and blood vessels en masse to your chest. Result? You totally avoid the issue “body rejection”. DIEP breast reconstruction procedures include either a total cut-and-graft procedure or a “tunneling” procedure where donor tissue such as from your lower abdomen or back is literally brought forward into your chest, in order to create the new living material for your newly-created breast mound. Micro-vascular surgery procedures reconnect blood vessels necessary to re-supply your new breast area.

DIEP Breast Reconstruction Surgery Costs. Your surgery may require one or multiple procedures. Surgery time could be up to 5 to 7 hours. DIEP breast reconstruction may combine with mastectomy surgery. Get your surgeon to create an itemized cost estimate… compare his estimate with your insurance coverage guidelines.

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