Breast Reconstruction Implant After Mastectomy Surgery

Breast reconstruction implant after mastectomy surgery is simpler, shorter and proven medically safe procedure than tissue transplants. Learn about implant surgery, the procedure, health risks, whether you qualify and more.

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Breast Reconstruction Implant Surgery Overview

  What’s Involved. In a manner broadly similar to conventional breast implant surgery, your breast reconstruction implant procedure relies on implanting a “foreign” device into your upper chest wall. Impact? You can achieve the right shape and size of breast. The surgical procedure includes making incisions into the upper chest wall pectoral muscle group… inserting a tissue expander device… carefully injecting a hygienic medically safe saline solution into the device until the right size and shape of breast mound is created. In a follow-on operation, the “expander” device is replaced with a permanent saline-filled implant.

Breast Reconstruction

Combining Breast Reconstruction Implant With Mastectomy Surgery. In order to combine an implant procedure with mastectomy surgery, you and your doctor and radiologist need to carefully review available data on your condition. The clear advantage to combining breast reconstruction after mastectomy is that you do one rather than several operations… plus you’ll never have to confront yourself without the look of breasts.

Re-Locating Your Nipple And Areola In Follow-Up Surgery. In your original breast reconstruction implant operation, a temporary tissue “expander” filled with saline is installed. You’ll need a follow-on procedure in order to replace the temporary device with a permanent saline-filled implant. This same follow-on procedure is where your nipple and surrounding areola can be located in order to achieve a natural effect.

Impact On Recurrence Of Cancer. Neither the medical nor insurance field have any reliable data that can guide you on the impact of breast reconstruction implant surgery and the rate or probability of cancer recurrence.

Other Risks. Standard risks you need to be aware of include infection…adverse reaction to anesthesia… bleeding… scarring… failure by your tissue to heal properly… nerve damage… ruptured implant device… scar tissue and calcification around the implant resulting in a hard un-natural breast feel.

Breast Reconstruction Implant Costs And Financing Options. You’re looking at major surgery. Before proceeding, get a detailed written cost estimate from your surgeons. Submit your cost estimates to your insurer, in order to verify coverage levels… most plans covering mastectomy also cover breast reconstruction implant procedure costs.

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