Male Gynecomastia Treatments For Natural Looking Breasts

Male gynecomastia or pronounced female-like breasts impacts about 50% of the male population. Learn about safe, effective proven gynecomastia treatment options to get you looking right.

Correcting Male Gynecomastia Symptoms Safely

Get A Top Gynecomastia Surgeon. Male gynecomastia surgery is serious… invasive..technical in nature… carries risks… and rewards in the form of smaller-profile more traditionally masculine shaped breasts and upper chest. Knowledge, a good surgery plan, and realistic expectations are key to getting the best results from your gynecomastia surgery. Picking the right surgeon means that you should do both on-line searches as well as multiple one-on-one interviews, before settling on a surgeon. Look for someone who understands your situation… who asks probing questions… who explains the procedure and risks in an understandable manner… who shows you the sort of before-and-after results you might expect via in-office computer modeling software.

Male Breast Reduction

Doing Market Research And Background Checks. After your surgeon interviews, get names and contact data of men who have undergone gynecomastia surgery. Contact each man… pose questions… learn about the process… how comfortable they felt… what sort of discomfort post-surgery… would they recommend this surgeon over others and why. Don’t just take the surgeon’s word on his performance. Also, you should contact your State medical licensing board, in order to verify that your surgeon is state certified, and has no past or present consumer complaints.

Potential Causes. At present, insufficient medical data exists to “point the finger” at any one simple cause for female-like-male breasts. However, the “usual suspects” now appear to include irregular hormonal chemistry during puberty, triggered by diet and environmental factors… use of estrogen based medications… irregular liver function … and steroids. Result? More and more men turn to cosmetic surgery in order to get a male breast reduction procedure.

 Guideline To Male Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure. Although men rarely ddevelop the sort of pendulous wildly out-sized breast development experienced by some women, the presence of a 2” to 4” breast protuberance can cause enormous psychological impact and embarrassment. To reduce the problem, your surgeon commences your male breast reduction procedure by making an incision in or around the nipple and areola area. You’re under general anesthesia, so you’ll be oblivious to the procedure. Excess glandular material and fat are removed… excess skin may be removed… sutures are inserted.

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