Gynecomastia Treatment Risks Recovery Costs And More

Understand and manage gynecomastia treatment risks. Learn how to create a surgery plan, create realistic expectation, manage health and recovery risks and more.

Guideline To Gynecomastia Surgery Risks, Recovery And Money Matters

Less Invasive Liposuction Gynecomastia Treatment. After your health screening exam, you and your surgeon should discuss whether a less invasive liposuction gynecomastia treatment can achieve the male breast reduction you’re looking for. Here’s what’s involved. In a liposuction gynecomastia treatment your surgeon will be safely vacuum-removing excess fat accumulations in your breast area. A small incision is made… the instrument attached to a nearby vacuum pump is inserted… the surgeon carefully directly the instrument into and over breast fat deposits… dislodging and then removing them. Advantages? You get the results… shorter procedure… less invasive… lower cost… less recovery risks and time.

Male Breast Reduction

 Gynecomastia Surgery Risks. When surgery is required in order to treat male breast reduction, then a wholly new range of health risks arise. Your gynecomastia surgery calls for incisions… fat and breast tissue are removed… excess skin is removed… skin from above and below your nipple areola area must be sutured in order to close the wound. What are “normal” risks to consider? Infection… excess bleeding… bruising swelling… failure by your body tissues to heal… nerve damage resulting in numbness… lop-sided results where your surgeon removed unequal tissue volumes, resulting in un-balanced looking breasts.

Recovery And Gynecomastia Bra And Compression Garments. Similar to any breast augmentation procedure for women, male breast reduction surgery often necessitate wearing a special gynecomastia bra and related compression garments directly after surgery. Benefits? These recovery garments give you shape control which lessens stress on your sutures… promotes faster healing with lower health risks to you.

Costs And Financing For Gynecomastia Treatments. For most men undergoing gynecomastia treatments… surgery or liposuction… the procedures fall outside the coverage of most health care insurance plans. “Elective” surgery means that all costs… consulting, surgeon’s fees, surgical center fees, anesthesia, meds and more … are direct costs to you. However, good news is that you may qualify for one of the many extensive cosmetic surgery financing plans presently available. Make sure that your gynecomastia surgeon knows his stuff in the surgery theater as well as in his business affairs. What do you need? Clear cost quotes, which you should compare with other doctors’ estimates, before submitting these for financing.

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