Breast Lift Procedure Risks And Health Safety Guideline

Breast lift procedure risks can be managed by you and your surgeon. Learn about breast lift surgery preparations, health screening, risks during surgery, things to look for during the recovery period.

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How You Can Manage Breast Lift Procedure Risks And Problems

Pre-Surgery Health Preparations. Breast lift procedure is invasive surgery, involving incisions… anesthesia… sutures… tissue removal… perhaps the placement of a ‘foreign object’ like a breast implant into your body… and more. Question: what to do before your operation? Be as healthy as you can. Avoid alcohol and fatty foods. Drink water rather than caffeine rich coffee and tea. Try not to come down with a cold or flu. Monitor any surface skin infections or abnormalities that may impact on your health at the time of your breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift

Prescription And Over The Counter Medications. Candor is key in your relationship with your surgeon. Before your breast lift procedure, you’ll want to fully disclose any … and all… medications you’re now taking , or have been taking. Medications impacting a breast lift procedure include all prescription drugs, blood pressure control meds, behavior modification drugs, and all others. Over the counter meds also impact health risks and outcomes of your breast lift procedure. Aspirin and antihistamines associated with cold, flu and pain-relief medications interfere with circulation, can thin your blood, increasing the risk of bleeding during and after your breast lift procedure. Smoking should be avoided, as smoking impairs blood circulation, necessary both during and after breast lift surgery.

Health Risks During Surgery. Your breast lift procedure literally opens you up to a range of potential health risks. Your primary health risks include infection… scarring… bleeding and bruising… swelling and failure by your tissues to heal properly… nerve damage resulting in numbness and textural insensitivity… suture failure… and the list goes on, consistent with most types of invasive surgery.

Risks Associated With Poor Surgeon Performance. Despite your best planning effort, you run a risk that your breast lift procedure simply doesn’t work out… that your surgeon makes a mistake… too much or too little skin was removed… that the surgeon made a mistake when re-locating your nipple and areola… or placed one higher than the opposite side… or too many incisions were made… or in a combination surgery that your breast implants were the wrong size or improperly located.

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