Breast Lift With Implant Surgery

Breast lift with implant surgery can give you firmer fuller shapelier breasts. Learn what’s involved in breast lift with implant procedures, how you prepare, selecting the best surgeon, health risks and more.

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Getting The Best Breast Lift With Implant Results

Planning Your Breast Lift With Implant Surgery. You’ve screened and interviewed your surgeon. You’ve contacted patient referrals… checked out State medical licensing board to confirm that your breast lift surgeon is A-OK, reputable and capable of executing the sort of breast lift with implant procedure that will give you the look you’re seeking. Make sure that your doctor submits you to an extensive health screening test… looking for any underlying health irregularities… checking for your skin health… making sure that he knows of any medications you take on a regular basis… your diet… your weight… your psychological profile and outlook.

Breast Lift

Designing Your Breast Shape Change. Breast lift with implant surgery is all about getting a new contoured look… realistic expectations balanced by medical safety management. You and your doctor need to carefully discuss your body type… taking careful measurements of your current breast size and shape… measuring your chest depth and width… candidly assessing your overall body form, percentage of fat, age, family heredity… and any other factor. Next, you should take digital photos of your breasts… downloading the images into a computer, where your doctor can then show you various “modeling” images of yourself…1 to 2 cup sizes larger… and with your breasts raised, tighter, fuller firmer and shapelier. Now, you’re ready to make “design” decisions.

Breast Lift With Implant Surgery Overview. Many thousands of women before you have undertaken breast lift with implant surgery… so you get the benefits of their prior experience even before you enter the surgery center. This combination cosmetic surgery is now fairly straight-forward. Plan that your breast lift with implant procedure will take up to 3 hours… you’ll receive general anesthesia… you’ll receive extensive do’s-and-don’ts advice prior to your operation. The basic strategy of your breast lift plus implant procedure is to make careful incisions from under the arm, or below the crease where your breast meets your chest, or through the nipple areola area… excess tissue from above and below is removed… your implant is placed either directly behind the breast tissue or deeper set behind your chest pectoral muscles… sutures bind the wound… you wake up in the recovery room… you undertake several months of mediated recovery, including some follow-up doctor visits.

  Breast Lift With Implant Surgery Costs. Make sure that you get a written cost estimate from your surgeon. You can use his estimate to compare with national industry averages for breast lift with implant surgery costs.

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