Breast Implant Surgery Technical Overview

Breast implant surgery involves small incisions in order to create space for safely inserting a silicone or saline breast implant. Learn about your pre-op health needs, how your breast surgery proceeds, recovery and more.

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Guideline For Undertaking Breast Implant Surgery

Pre-Operation Phase. By the time you’ve decided on breast implant surgery, you’ve rejected use of herbal supplements, pills and creams to address the matter of small breast size. You’ve also carefully interviewed at least three breast implant surgeons, carefully preparing questions and issues that would allow you to select the surgeon who most understands your needs and has the technical skills to safely execute the breast implant surgery.

Breast Implant Surgery

Expect to undergo a full health exam. Your doctor will want to be sure that you have no current sickness… flu and colds… diabetes… that you restrain from smoking … that you avoid any blood thinning medications including aspirins and anti-histamines. Breast implant surgery requires incisions, so your doctor will likely require a mammogram along with extensive skin health examination, in order to qualify you for the procedure.

Day Of Your Operation. Expect that your breast implant surgery will take place either at the surgeon’s offices or in a nearby surgical center. You’ll have been prior advised on what foods to avoid in the days prior to your breast implant surgery. You arrive. A nurse checks you in. You change into surgery theater garments. You receive yet another summary explanation of the pending breast implant surgery procedure including the type of implant product you’ve selected, ensuring that you are aware and authorizing the surgery to proceed. Expect general anesthesia to be administered.

Actual Breast Implant Surgery Procedure. Through prior measurements, digital photos, and examination of the various sized implants, you and your doctor have developed a surgical plan of action. You’re now in the operating room and your breast implant surgery begins. An incision will be made either through the arm pit, or where your breast creases onto your upper chest , or directly through the nipple and areola. Your skin and tissue are lifted… a pocket shape is formed either directly behind the pectoral chest muscle or in front of the pectoral and behind your nipple… the breast implant is inserted, centered directly behind your nipple in order to achieve a natural balanced look. Several hours have passed. Sutures are positioned in order to close the wound. Bandages are placed. In some case a drainage tube may be installed so as to promote safe and prompt healing.


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