Breast Enhancement Surgery Options And Advantages

Breast enhancement surgery offers women and men means to re-contour breast size and shape. Learn about the medically safe breast enhancement surgery process, how to prepare, select your surgeon, recover, costs and more.

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Getting The Immediate Benefits From Breast Enhancement Surgery

Desired Results In One Procedure . While breast enhancement surgery is complex, and carries some health risks typical to all surgeries, you get some rather spectacular and immediate results. Look at the two directions that breast enhancement surgery takes… re-contouring and breast enlargement via lifts and implants… or reducing over-sized stretched and heavy breasts into more manageable and aesthetically sized breasts for your body. Breast enhancement surgeries takes several hours… recovery may be complete in several months… and your re-contoured breasts may hold your new form for years! A clean, simple and medically safe way to over-come family heredity, lifestyle, consequences of pregnancy, and even disease such as breast cancer requiring reconstructive breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Enhancement

Preparing For Surgery. You’ve interviewed surgeons, picking the right one. Your surgeon has given you a thorough health exam and screening in anticipation of your breast enhancement surgery. Expect to undergo a mammogram in order to check for any interior tissue abnormalities. Breast skin tissue will be carefully examined, looking for any surface irregularities or signs of infection. Meanwhile, in the 2 week period leading up to your breast enhancement surgery, you’ll be given advice on foods to eat. Avoid any medications such as aspirins or cold medicines containing antihistamines… which thin your blood which could result in excess bleeding during your breast enhancement surgery. Seriously avoid smoking, or taking in second-hand smoke, as smoke inhibits your healing process, reducing blood vessel supply of key nutrients necessary for recovery.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Risks. Incisions are made… some tissue may be removed… silicone or saline implants may be surgically located either in front of or behind your chest muscles…your nipple and aureole may be re-located… anesthesia is administered...breast enhancement surgery is complex and serious. Other risks related to breast enhancement surgery include, scarring… infection… failure of a gel or saline insert… bleeding and bruising… or even nerve damage resulting in numbness. And then of course, the ‘sculpting” and anesthetics angle may simply fail, leaving you with dis-proportioned un-balanced looking breasts… picking too large a size for your body.. or the surgeon lacking the skills you needed to get your desired results.

Costs. Use this link to investigate some of the US national average costs for breast enhancement surgery procedures.


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