Breast Augmentation Procedures Now Available

Re-define your body contours with a breast augmentation procedure. Proven results, medically safe breast augmentation procedures can increase or decrease your breast size or provide reconstructive surgery after illness.

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Determining The Right Breast Augmentation Procedure For Your Body

• Option 1: Enlargement. For some women, breast size varies from left to right, producing an imbalanced asymmetric appearance. As you well know, bra sizes are constant without the option of a size 8 cup on one side then a size 10 cup on the other. And swimsuit time… even worse is where you’re in public and more visible for people to look at. On the other hand, if your breasts seem too small… and you think you’d look better two sizes up… then a breast augmentation utilizing gel or saline implants may be the perfect solution for your wants and needs.

Breast Enlargement Information

• Option 2: Reduction. The modern view of women is that they should be sporty, fun, lives filled with creative activities. Large breasts project the opposite image… woman as reproducing organism, with large breasts bolstering her image as food source for infants. Nice agrarian-style aesthetic but way out of line with where modern women want to be. Result? Some women begin developing excessively large breast as early as their teen years. Add pregnancy… a sedentary lifestyle… accumulation of body fat… and you’ve got a recipe for a breast augmentation procedure to reduce over breast size. In this type of procedure, incisions below and to the side of the breast permit the surgeon to carefully remove tissue, muscle and fat volume… yet re-contouring the breasts to retain proper balanced sizing and location.

• Option 3: Reconstructive Surgery. Breast augmentation procedure is critical to a woman who may have been in an accident… or may have undergone mastectomy due to breast cancer. For these women reconstructive breast augmentation surgery involves a complete re-shaping of the upper chest area… incisions… implants… reconnecting remaining muscle tissue… perhaps recreating a new nipple and areola. Moving the areola and nipple during breast augmentation surgery area may seem straight forward. Moving of the areola and nipple area demands surgical techniques that avoid restricting blood supply to these areas. Also, since the breast “settles” after the operation, the surgeon must be a good predictor of shape and location in order to “get it right”.


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