Breast Augmentation Surgery Essentials To Know

Breast augmentation surgery can deliver new contours to enhance your body. Find out about the technical aspect of breast augmentation surgery, how you need to prepare, what to avoid, scarring and more.

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Technical Summary Of Breast Augmentation Surgery For Patients

• What You Do To Prepare? Long before your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll go thorough a pre-operative health evaluation. Major physical and mental health indicators that the plastic surgeon looks for during the initial consultation and patient medical history review include current signs of illness such as flu or cough from persistent cold. In the interview the physician will ask about your medical history and whether you have any known drug allergies. Additionally, the doctor will examine you for evidence of any skin condition that might increase risks in your breast augmentation surgery such as skin infections, abscesses, or sores that have not healed.

Breast Enhancement

• Choice of Surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is all about getting the right… not perfect… breast contouring. Sagging droopy breasts? The degree of droopiness or ptosis drives the operation and choice of surgical techniques especially in a combination surgery calling for breast lift and breast implant such as with silicone gel or saline filled implant. In the various breast augmentation surgery plans, your surgeon may initiate incisions either at the crease where the chest and breast intersect or even through the armpit, especially where an implant will be positioned behind the chest pectoral muscle group. In any event, skin and breast tissue are lifted up… the underlying chest muscle exposed… a natural pocket is formed… the insert is positioned directly behind your nipple… sutures are applied.

• Anesthesia And Pre-Op Meds To Avoid. In all breast augmentation surgery either local or general anesthesia will be used. Discuss with your doctor your preference… how it impacts the operation and your recovery. Meanwhile, prior to your breast augmentation surgery you need to be smart and practical about avoiding both over the counter and prescription drugs, where possible. Sedatives are widely dispensed, however you should avoid these as well as blood-thinner such as aspirin for at least two weeks prior to your breast augmentation surgery. Many medications to be avoided before and after surgery include Norgesic, Zomax, Cope, Naprosyn, Triaminicin, Vanquish, Coongespirin, Cama-inlay tabs, Monacet with codeine, Synalgos DC, Motrin, Ibuprofin, Advil, Aspirin, Alka Seltzer, Midol, Supac, Indocin, Bufferin, Butabital . Make sure that your surgeon knows of any meds you’re taking well before surgery.

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