Breast Augmentation Enhancement Surgery Benefits And Risks

Get the most from your breast augmentation enhancement procedure. Risks, recovery, scarring, combination surgery all reviewed to qualify you for the breast augmentation surgery best matching your needs and wants.

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Breast Augmentation Enhancements And Patient Risk Management

• Getting A “Balanced” Look: Nipple Relocation. Breast augmentation enhancement also means that your surgeon must be a good predictor of how your re-contoured breasts will look. During your operation, your nipples and aureole “float” and must be re-attached to the underlying pectoral muscles and connective tissue of the breast. You can imagine the concern if your nipples were somehow placed squank…asymmetrically where one side was higher or off to the side than the opposite side. In any breast augmentation enhancement procedure… where implants are installed or reduction in breast size occurs… great attention is placed creating the right size as well as creating “balance”.

Breast Enlargement

• Recovery Factors. Your breast augmentation procedure might well last three to four hour cosmetic surgery procedure required the use of a general anesthetic then the patient will wake up later on in the recovery room. As mental clarity returns and the patient loses that fuzzy half-asleep quality she’ll be tempted to inspect her new breasts. However, some caution is necessary at this stage. Stitches and/or bruising can be a rough first glance, so it’s far better to adopt a rest-and-see-later posture. Quiet time, just laying back may be the perfect response in the post-operative period.

• Risks To Be Aware Of. Like any surgery, breast augmentation enhancement carries risks such as bleeding… bruising and swelling… infection… scarring… nerve damage and numbness… misshapen out-of-balance breast contouring. Adding to these breast augmentation enhancement risks are issues such as ruptured implants… where gel or saline might leak and become absorbed.

• No Smoking. Avoid smoking prior to and after your breast augmentation enhancement procedure. Cigarettes are loaded with chemicals which cause your blood vessels to contract. Result? Nourishing blood flow, necessary for healing and repair, may be reduced… thus prolonging your recovery.

• Skin Healing And Repair. Amongst the many items on your doctor’s advice list for recovery will be the matter of skin health and repair… plus limiting the impact from scarring associated with the breast augmentation surgery. Besides wearing a support bra to relive strain and pulling on sensitive tissues, you’ll want to rub on organic Vitamin E based lotions to promote skin repair and health.

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