A Wonderbra To Lift And Shape Your Breasts

Wonderbra offers a whole new dimension in gentle push-up bras, to give support and shape and to increase a woman’s attractiveness.

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Looking Pretty…And Appealing In Your Wonderbra Bra

The Wonderbra Magic The Wonderbra style is all about raising the bar on feminine attributes. Since its USA introduction in the mid 1990s, the Wonderbra model for breast enhancement has attracted droves of women.

* Push Up Bra Getting the right…possibly the perfect cleavage is made easy with designs such as the Wonderbra 7234. Lightweight, constructed in sheer satin and with discrete low profile straps, the Wonderbra 7234 and its sister push-up bras do the magic of gently supporting, and elevating your breasts. Result? You create a fuller, rounded and seductively shaped breast…you’ll look and feel even more attractive.


Women with smaller breasts especially like the Wonderbra 7260, since it offers a subtle technique to lift and give the appearance of increased breast size, due to the hidden underwire frame plus light foam padding.

* Special Occasion Bras

When you want a smooth overall look, then the lightly lined foam Wonderbra 7880 is the popular choice. Meanwhile the strapless Wonderbra which includes design #7882 balances support, lift and shaping with the appealing bare-shoulder look for dress-up occasions. You can also explore the full-midriff embroidered camisole model 7499, replete with magnolia shaped designs set off by satin straps, in midnight or ivory whisper. Last but certainly not least is the seamless backless and strapless long line Wonderbra push-up design for very special occasion wear.

How To Get The Perfect Fitting Bra - Bra Sizing Made Simple Nothing’s worse than a bra that fits too closely, cutting into your skin…or equally vexing the bra cups that wrinkle…or what about women who have one breast larger than the other?

Minimally, a woman needs to take two distinct measurements in order to truly identify the best bra size. Begin by taking a tape measure, holding it about 1 inch below your bust line. Next measure around and over your breasts, commencing with a point about 1 inch down from your shoulder blades.

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