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Vanity Fair women’s bras offer the perfect balance of breast shaping, gentle lifting and support. Women get seamless cups, side shaping and the Vanity Fair full figure bra collection to choose from. .

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Vanity Fair Bra – Mesh For All Day Cool Comfort. Look for the shaping and support of the demi contour Breath mesh bra. Close-to-body wear does not mean heat build up with the Vanity Fair bra, with mesh to gently transfer heat and an anti-microbial finish to limit bacteria build-up, and to reduce odor.

Women have a wide selection of traditional and special occasion Vanity Fair bra designs to choose from… underwire minimizer bra that will discretely reduce your bust line byup to 1 ½ inches…contemporary full coverage seamless stretch bra…the Vanity Fair racerback bra alternative… micro fiber stretch all-day-comfort bras and more.

Vanity Fair Bra

Vanity Fair Full Figure Bra. For women in the 36C to 42DD size range, great choices exist in the Vanity Fair full figure bra line…micro fiber full coverage seamless cup with body contoured straps that stay in place…elegant and sleek satin fabric underwire bras with full coverage and stay put straps that won’t slip off or ride up…and for special occasions the stretch lace minimizer bra that subtly re-shapes your breast line by as much as 1 ½ inches.

Vanity Fair Strapless Bra Models. When you’re wearing a sleek shoulders-bare dress, complete your look with a figure-flattering backless strapless bra…underwire…full coverage to gently lift and capture and shape your figure.

Bra Sizing - Getting The Perfect Vanity Fair Bra Fit For You. No surprise that bra design…and getting just the right fit…has challenged women since the time of the Greeks when it’s thought that bras were first introduced. Yet, most women end of buying the wrong bra at least once, get the wrong advice from an alleged “fitting specialist”, and waste money. Add to fitting woes the fact that most women have one breast slightly smaller than the other and the stage is set for a lifetime of low-level annoyance…straps riding up or spontaneously falling off…wrinkling across the cup…bulges and over-flow where you least want it.

Core measurements get you started. With your bra on, take your first measurement about 1 inch down from your bust line…directly around your rib cage…record that number. Next, take a round-the-body-measure at the fullest point of your bust line. Subtract the first number from the second and you have your cup size…meanwhile the second number such as 34 or 36 or 42 defines the overall bra length.

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