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A Valmont bra flatters the plus size women with a range of full coverage, underwire, lace, strapless and minimizer bras for special dress up occasions.

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Full Figured Strapless Bra. Select from Valmont your plus size strapless bras with convertible straps that still give you full coverage and gentle day-long underwire support. Alternatively, choose the Valmont long line full figured strapless bra for a sophisticated look that still supports while flattering your figure.

Valmont Lace Bras. Valmont knows that you’ll have times when you want to kick back…leisure time…yet you still want your figure to flatter. Solution? The lacey Valmont bra …in a hand full of subtle colors including a sophisticated black lace bra…in plus size bra choices from 34 to 48DD.

Valmont Bra

Strapless Minimizer Bra. With certain outfits, reducing your full figured look creates a sleek svelte and sophisticated fashion statement. Valmont’s minimizer bras gently hold you in, re-shape you without pinching so that you can create a leaner rounded look. Valmont sizes range from 32 to 48DD.

Valmont Guides You To Proper Bra Sizing And Comfort. How do you know which Valmont bra is perfect for you? First step is to get sizing sorted out. All women battle with bras that don’t fit quite right…straps mis-behave…cups are either too large or too small…fabric wrinkles and shows through your blouse…adding to fitment woes is the fact that most women have one breast that’s slightly larger than the other…and then there’s the difference between leisure and sport bras where heat and moisture and anti-microbial features count versus dress-up “event” bras where one night you want a full cleavage “push up” appearance and the next night a sleek rounded look.

* Taking Your Measure. What to do? Answer is to always begin with your core measurements…then get fitted. First measurement is positioned about 1 inch down from your bust line…directly around your rib cage. The next measure is directly around the fullest point of your bust line. For your cup size like A or DD, simply subtract the first measure from the second. Meanwhile the second measure determines the overall length of your bra such as 34 or 42.

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