Spandex Bras For All Over Stretch, Support, Comfortable Wearing

Spandex bras are all about all-over movement and comfort. Lycra spandex bra blends with cotton or nylon in sports bra, nursing bras, demi, push-up bra designs and more.

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Spandex For Stretch, Support, Adjustable Comfortable Wear

Where To Look For Spandex? Multi-functional spandex bras are those designs you’ll find in the women’s sports bra section…brands like Champion sport bra…where support, stay-put stretchy compression is the “name of the game”.

Spandex Bra

You’ll also see spandex put to design work for comfortable wearing by pregnant and nursing women in many nursing bra designs. Spandex finds itself blended as well into some demi-cup designs, full figure bra models, in camisole designs along with no wire or underwire bras, or delivering all-over stretch to strapless dress-up bras.

Spandex + Material Blends For Feminine-Figure-Enhancing. Spandex or lycra spandex is that low percentage (8% more or less) add-in material that you’ll see in high fashion bras, mixed in with cotton or organic cotton for easy-to-the-skin comfort, or blended with micro fiber or nylon and polyester for women’s sport bra, full figure bra designs, or in the ultra-smooth seamless bras which virtually disappear under a woman’s outer garments, whether t-shirt or special occasion dress


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