Moving Comfort Bra Giving Support Movement Great Looks

Active women pick Moving Comfort sports bras for a balance of breast support, ease-of-movement, heat and moisture control plus great looks.

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Moving Comfort Maia Bra - Top Selling Full Support Sports Bra. Full breasted women pick the Maia sports bra because of its unique design…full coverage, full support enhanced by underwire construction…wide body contoured shoulder straps with multiple clip fitment options to get the fit just right.

* Seamless Underwire Support. The Moving Comfort Maia bra is not a compression style bra…rather it combines seamless underwire construction along with polyester and lycra stretch materials to maximize body-in-motion comfort plus breath ability.

* Wide Size And Color Range. There’s a Maia sports bra for almost any active woman…32C to 44DD…color options from winterberry and peacock to black and white.

Moving Comfort Sports Bras – Key Design Benefits For Women. Active women seek to enhance, not restrict, their lifestyle. From X Games to street games, women seek a sports bra that mirrors their sport…from low impact running to high impact basketball, lacrosse, or soccer.

Moving Comfort Bra

* Matching Low-To-High Impact Sport Choices. Moving Comfort sport bras are designed to match your sports. Plus, you get materials such as mic ro fiber, spa ndex, lycra, polyester and more to help in moisture and heat control…wicking fabrics keep you cooler in the hot months and warmer and dry in the colder months.

* Compression or Full Cup? Rule of thumb is that smaller breasted women get more control, comfort and support from a compression bra. Fuller breasted women generally don’t find the compression bra comfortable…just a lot of “squeeze’ and sometimes too much pinching. When buying, try on either model…then jump around and give it a serious in-store test…if it’s too tight, then size up…if it’s too loose and you’re bouncing around, then size down or look at underwire Maia sports bra alternative.

Getting The Perfect Size For Your Moving Comfort Bra. Women find that a sports bra is quite different to the typical in-day-at-work bra. Yes, general sizing remains similar. But, the addition of movement, heat and sweat sets up some different sizing factors.

* Bra Sizing Tips. First thing is to truly get your regular bra size right. You do this by taking a tape measure, 1 inch below your bust line, and measuring fully around your rib cage. If you add 5 to 6 inches to this first measure, you generally end up with a good number for your bra band length, such as 36, 38 or 44. Cup size is more personal, especially because most women have one breast shaped and sized a bit differently to the other breast. However, cup size can be determined by measuring around your fullest point, then subtracting your earlier band length figure. Example: 38” – 36” = 2 = Cup size B

* Jump Testing Your Sports Bra. What really matters is how your bra supports while you’re in motion, so you must do some serious in-store “test driving” of your bra…jump up and down, jog, twist…whatever so that you be sure that the up and down and side to side support is there for you. Life is short, so play hard!


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