Minimizer Bra For Sexy Figure Enhancing And Elegance

Create elegance, a more subdued feminine expression with a minimizer bra. Select from seamless underwire, strapless, molded cup, comfy support fabrics, wide range of bra sizing from the very best brands.

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Minimizer Bra…Creating A Subtle Reduced Silhouette

Strapless Minimizer Bra. Discretely holding you in…re-shaping your bust line, without pinching…creating elegance and a sexy look in a backless strapless minimizer bra! You can choose between hidden wire or no wire designs, with or without padded cups, and in some brand bra sizing ranging from 32 to 48DD.

Reducing Your Bust Line By 1 ½ Inches. Sometimes with certain outfits, and certain occasions, “less” is “more”…meaning that you want a less pronounced bust line. Achieving this more refined, softened feminine and sexy look is key to the minimizer bra design. Gentle compression side-to-side plus top-to-bottom gently controls the breast shaping.

Minimizer Bra

Design Features To Look For. First, proper bra sizing is #1. Assuming all your measurements are “current” (remembering that most women change bra sizes up to 5 times or more throughout their lives), determine whether you need underwire support. With minimizer designs, molded cups provide more stay-in support, at the same time as you subtly re-shape your breast silhouette. Materials emphasize close-to-body comfort…satin, nylon, embroidered lace minimizer bra to flatter a woman’s figure.

Leading Brands To Buy. Top minimizer bra brands to try-on include Bali, Lilyette, Olga, Wacoal Slimline, Playtex amongst others.

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