Breast Surgery, Mastectomy Bras And Looking Normal And Balanced

Mastectomy bras in seamless discrete underwire construction and color and material choices allow women to flatter and contour their shape, fit their regular clothes, be attractive and appealing.

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Your Mastectomy Bra: A Step Towards Revitalizing Your Female Body Image

Reclaiming Your Female Figure Post Surgery. Surgery, of all kinds, is radical. Recovery means constant care of tender skin tissues as repair and recovery commences. You’ll get protection and support initially by wearing a specially designed camisole medical garment, directly after surgery. After about 2 to 6 weeks you can be fitted for a properly sized mastectomy bra.

Design Options To Know About With Your Mastectomy Bra. Creating a balanced, symmetrical body image…returning to normal…being the attractive flattering body that you’ve always been is part psychological and part the adjustment to a new garment. Unique to the mastectomy bra is the pocket which allows you to insert a built-in breast form, or prosthesis…re-creating your full true and normal shape…instantly returning symmetry to your appearance. This means you’ll look for a front closure mastectomy bra design for easy-on-easy off. For fashion updates, you can now buy special occasion wear strapless mastectomy bras…to flatter you.

Mastectomy Bra

* Maternity. For pregnant or new Moms who’ve undergone breast surgery, you can select specially designed mastectomy nursing bras…1-hand easy opening of a front clasp for quick response when Baby needs feeding.

* Full Figure Mastectomy Bra. For the plus size mature woman, the normal market bra sizing choices exist…from 34 C to over 50DD…in colors including black, white, nude, beige and other feminine tones.

* Sports Mastectomy Bras.Active women don’t stop. They simply modify their “gear”. You’ll get support, protection, comfort and peace of mind to resume your training and play with a wide range of sports bras specially designed for either compression or movement and moisture control

Your Mastectomy Bra Prosthesis: What It Does For You. Beyond flattering your contour, the silicone breast prosthesis replicates your natural breast form…you regain balance in your posture…you avoid back and neck tightening due to being out-of-balance…you avoid the compensating arm drop and imbalanced posture…plus, your balanced look and prosthesis keep your bra from riding up…and of course you can wear your normal clothes.

Leading Mastectomy Bra Brands To Know About. Amongst the major brand, you should look for Jodee…Amoena…Carni.

Possible Insurance Coverage. Your surgery associated with a bona fide health risk, accordingly both surgery and post-op medical garments including your mastectomy bra, prosthesis, camisole plus check-up may be covered within your health care plan. If so, then you’ll ask for a doctor’s prescription, in order to verify your needs and to trigger the insurance coverage.

Costs To Know About. Medical garments are purpose-designed. Your initial surgical camisole could cost up to $80. Meanwhile, mastectomy bras range in price like regular off-the-shelf bras from around $25 to over $50. Silicone prosthesis costs range from under $200 to over $400, depending upon your needs…and wants.

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