Le Mystere Bra For Female Body Shaping Perfection

Dedicated to supporting and flattering the female form, Le Mystere bras offer regular to plus size bras from 32 to 44G, cool day-long comfort micro fiber fabrics, gentle underwire support, fashion statement to maternity nursing bras.

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Le Mystere Tisha Bra. Women give the Tisha bra rave reviews. Why? Because of the fit and day-long wearing comfort created by ultra chic micro fiber materials. Known reverentially as the Le Mystere Tisha t shirt bra, this design gives women a body-contoured strap that conforms to your shape and movement…straps stay put and won’t ride up or suddenly fall off like cheaper bra straps.

The Le Mystere 955 Tisha t shirt seamless bra makes its mark especially in the leisure segment…giving you comfort and underwire support during those casual times…perfect for wearing under a t shirt sweater or blouse...sizings offered in 32 to 38DD…color offerings include sand, nude, suntan, mocha and black.

Le Mystere Bra

Le Mystere Lace Bra Choices. When you want subtle enhancement of your figure…and you don’t want or need underwire support, then the Le Mystere lace bra, in either demi or 3/4s demi with a molded breast cup that actually “remembers” your shape, whether you’re 32 or 38F. Colors? Subtle old rose coloring or an urban cool black lace bra by Le Mystere will shape and flatter your figure no matter what outfit you choose.

Le Mystere Nursing Bra - The Florence Bra.For new Moms, the Le Mystere nursing bra gives you heat and moisture control with cotton lace material designed together with an underwire support along with a simple 1-hand-clip-opening on the breast cup so that you can feed baby easily. The Florence maternity bra comes in a color range including nude, white or black. Florence sizes range from 34 to 40G.

Le Mystere Seamless Strapless Bras - Special Occasions. Bridal event…night out…whatever and you’ll create just the right sort of body shaping results with the Le Mystere strapless bra. Material of choice is micro fiber. Hidden underwire construction gives you just the right amount of “push –up” support to match the look you’re creating. Sizes range from 32 to 38…cup sizes from A to D.

Creating The Perfect Le Mystere Fit. Designers at Le Mystere obsess about the female form and how to create the most flattering yet all-day-long comfy bra to match women’s varied social lives.

You can pick from regular Tisha and Le Mystere Dream bra sizings or choose from the Renaissance full size bra line.

* Doing Your Measurements Right - Bra Sizing Made Simple. Getting the perfect Le Mystere women’s bra is all about simple measurements. Every woman has wasted money and time trying vainly to find the “perfect bra”. Most of the fitment issues spring from incorrect sizing details.

Here’s what to do: first, take a measure, around your rib cage, front to back, at a point about 1 inch down from your bust line; next, take a round-the-body measure across the fullest point of your breast line. Your cup size such as B or D is calculated by subtracting the 1 st measure from the second. Actual bra size such as 32 or 38 is captured in the 2 nd measure.

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