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Leading Lady nursing bras and full figure intimate apparel choices combine subtle material choices, underwire breast support for all day comfort, ease of use when Moms nurse babies. .

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Leading Lady Nursing Bra. Baby feeding every 2 to 4 hours means that new Moms can wear a Leading Lady nursing bra with a simple front closure for ease of dressing, and ease for feeding baby at the first whimper. Full size and cup range, and a color spectrum ranging from white and turquoise to purple, wine and hunter green.

* Cotton And Spandex Nursing Bra. 34 to 52DD covers the plus size nursing bra spectrum for 99% of women…whether nursing or full size form. Cool feeling cotton combines with stretchy spandex to cause your Leading Lady nursing bra to gently conform to your movements, whether in formal or leisure and casual settings.

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* Seamless Molded Stretch Pads. All-way stretch removable pads means that your Leading Lady nursing bra gently conforms to your unique breast shape. Plus, sheer practicality and ease-of-use is integral with Leading Lady designs with removable washable pads, so that you maintain maximum hygiene while reducing bacteria causing odors.

Molded Lace Underwire Full Figure Support Bras. Form and fashion mix effortlessly in your Leading Lady lace bras for the full figured woman. The upper half of your bra is finished in lace. Meanwhile, you continue to receive the gentle push-up and day-long comfort, no matter if you’re size 40 or size 52. Stretch lace accentuates your feminine look, while body contoured straps stay put all day, while adding structural support to your bra.

Leading Lady Post Mastectomy Bras. Women in the post mastectomy recovery phase turn to Leading Lady bras for comfort, ease of wear and good looks. You can pick from front closure designs and t-back styling that ensures that your straps stay put all day. Size choices range from 32 to 38 DD. Meanwhile other Leading Lady designs offer a mastectomy bra in a leisure design, for sizes 34 to 48 DD.

What’s Your Perfect Leading Lady Bra Size? Getting the right bra is as much what you’re seeking in terms of fashion and fit as it is what you’re avoiding such as wayward straps that either ride-up or fall off, wrinkled cup material, seams that show through, or bulging out of a crimped too-small bra.

* Tale Of The Tape Measure – Proper Bra Sizing Made Easy. Here’s what the experts say: first, take a tape measure, place it 1 inch below your bust line, and then measure around your rib cage; next, measure from 1 inch below your shoulder blades around to the front of your bust line at the largest point. Cup size such as A, B or DD is determined by simply subtracting the 1 st measure from the 2 nd. Overall bra size or “length” such as 34 or 48 is determined by the 2 nd measure.

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