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Active women reach for the no bounce full support Glamorise sports bra. Seamless, molded cup, no wire models, wide no slip shoulder straps for the perfect shock absorbent sports bra

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Glamorise Sport Bra Designs Plus More To Support And Flatter Your Body

Molded Support In A Padded Sports Bra - All Glamorise. Staying comfortable, getting proper upper body breast support while you’re active is all about sizing and proper sports bra design and material choice. Market leader Glamorise sports bras offer a seamless look…enhanced support from molded cups from cup size B to sports bra DD and even G cups…wide stay-in-place body contouring shoulder straps that move with you…easy-on front closures…moisture wicking blends of polyester, nylon plus lycra spandex.

Glamorise Bra

Full Figure Sports Bra By Glamorise. Many fit and highly active women are full figure types. Result? You need a carefully designed no bounce sports bra that supports evenly around the entire circumference of your breast, plus the sides so that you stay in place while active.

Here’s where Glamorise stands out from the competition…seamless smooth look…no wire construction…shaped and lightly padded sports bra to protect you in impact sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, women’s lacrosse and others…moisture wicking heat management fabrics that cool you down when the outside temps are high, yet keep you warm when the temps drop.

Glamorise Mini mizer Bra Line. Women in the plus size segment know all too well that size and fit are critical. Glamorise responds with its minimizer bra line…underwire stay-in-place no-flip support…lightly lined and properly shaped bra cups…support and even compression continuing beyond the cup to your under arm area…gentle-to-the-skin materials such as nylon, polyester and lycra spandex…34 size choices plus multiple feminine color choices.

Glamorise And Bra Sizing - Making It Right And Simple For Women. The female anatomy is all about subtle differences and balance. As most women experience it, one breast is shaped and sized differently to the other. Result? Bra sizing gets tricky with partial fits the rule rather than the exception. Straps that ride up or drop off…cups that pinch tender breast tissue…flesh pouring over the sides and bra cups…and more stuff that can go wrong as you try to identify the right bra.

* Tips For Proper Bra Sizing. Each woman is unique so you have to take the time to get some accurate measurements. First up, place the tape measure about 1 inch below your bust line…you might get a round-the-body measure of say 30 inches. Next, simply add 4 to 5 inches…making it 30” + 5 = 35” which equals your bra band length. Now, to determine your cup size, a rule of thumb measure is to place the tape around the fullest point of your bust line…say the figure is 38”…subtract bra band length or 38” – 35” = 3 = Cup size C.

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