Tips For Creating Perfect And Proper Bra Sizing

Bra SizingAvoid bra buying mistakes and flatter your feminine figure with a bra sizing guide that will teach you proper bra fitting for your bra band length and optimum bra cup size.

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Correct Bra Sizing Made Simple: Tips On Making Body Measurements

Female Body Measuring – First Step To Determine Bra Band Size. Lingerie may not be seen, but it’s role next to your skin, whether for fashion dress or for sport and recreation, means that you need to get materials, design and sizing as close-to-perfect as possible.

Begin by taking a soft tape measure and placing it about 1 inch below your bust line. It’s here that you’ll take a round-the-body rib cage measurement in order to determine the ideal bra band length for your body. You’ll get a measurement of say 32”…36”…44” or some value less or more.

This first measurement creates a solid reference point for trying on bras of a set band length.

Bust Line Measurement – Getting Your Bra Cup Size. Every woman’s breasts are uniquely sized and shaped. Here’s a simple 2-step calculator for your ideal bra cup size. Your safest guide to cup size is to add between 4 to 5 inches to your band length…then subtract this figure from your bust line measurement at the fullest point.

So, take your bust line measurement at the fullest point of your bust line. Say the figure comes in at 40 inches. We’ll use this figure in the example below in order to calculate your bra cup size.

Here’s some numbers and example. You just plug in your own measurements. Say your first measurement, rib cage, was 34 inches. Adding 4 inches equal 38 inches ( 34” + 4” = 38”). Bust line measurement in the example is 40” – 38” = 2 = Cup Size B.

Each inch of difference is equal to one Cup Size e.g. 2 = B Cup; 3 = C Cup; 4 = D Cup and so on.

Bra Sizing And Fitting Guide: What To Avoid. Since virtually all women have one breast differently shaped and sized to the other, you’ll always be slightly “in-between” sizes. Your key here is try on for best fit the bra band and bra cup that best supports and is most comfortable for your larger breast side.

You don’t want that “pinched” feeling, where skin is pushing up and billowing over your straps or bra cups. Equally you want “stay-put” confidence that your breasts will be supported all-day and that you won’t have a Janet Jackson Superbowl “equipment failure” where a breast jumps out into public view.

Proper bra sizing for work and special occasion wear is totally different to the support and protection a woman needs from her sports bra, based on the length and intensity of the workout or game. Yoga places altogether different support and comfort issues than does high speed high impact women’s soccer, competitive basketball or swimming and gymnastics.

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