DKNY Bras For Fashion Appeal And All-Day Comfort

Trim fashion conscious women reach for DKNY bras for the ultimate in body shaping. Push-up, demi contour, underwire or no-wire in cool sexy colors and sizes to match unique female body shape.

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DKNY Bra Designs – For Women With A Flair For Great Looks

DKNY Bras For Sexy Great Looks And Comfort. Fashion conscious women pick trend-setter DKNY for intimates apparel needs.

* Underwire and No Wire Support. Sometimes a girl doesn’t want, or need, the flip-up annoyance or pinching of a full-support und erwire bra. Solutions? Reach for the no wire gentle support of a DKNY bra, constructed in cool-to-your-skin mic ro fiber.


* DKNY Demi Underwire Bra For Subtle Looks And Support. Enhance your sex appeal and feminine form by selecting one of DKYN bras from the demi range. You get unlined shaped cups, stretch la ce, but just the right amount of underwire support. Result? You can wear a plunging neckline, yet feel confident that you’re truly contained and supported.

* DKNY Push-Up Bra. When you want some additional “enhancement” yet you don’t feel comfortable with the breast-pinch of an underwire design, then reach for a DKYN push-up bra…wire free…stretch micro fiber with push-up padding to gently lift your breasts and create the perfect cleavage…adjustable back straps…black and nude color picks in 32A to 36C sizes.

* Stra pless Bras For Dress-up Special Occasion Wear. DKYN strapless bras help start your sophisticated look. Select a black or nude color…stretch micro fiber completes the molded cup underwire construction so that you get support, yet no straps show. For versatility the DKNY strapless actually comes with stretch straps which you can wear in halter or criss cross style if you need to.

Perfect Feminine Looks And Proper Bra Sizing From DKNY Bra. Trend setters pick DKNY for the subtle feminine looks…fabrics choices including stretch micro fiber, lace or material mixes…demi or full molded cups…underwire or no-wire…feminine and bold colors too.

* Measuring Tips. Since women change bra sizes many times over their lives, getting the right fit from your DKNY bra is key to your look, and feel. First, measure around your rib cage, about 1 inch from your bust line, and you might get a figure like 30 inches. Next, add 4 to 5 inches to this measure where you might get, say, 35 inches. This essentially determines your DKNY bra band length.

* Determining Cup Size. To get your cup size, measure around the fullest point of your bust line, then subtract your band length…using the above example you might get a bust line figure of, say, 38 – 35 = 3 = Cup Size C.

When sizing, try on your DKNY bra at its loosest clasp point. You want gentle, yet constant support coming from the back…support but not pinching from the side-wings…and straps that will support yet stay in place.


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