Cotton Bras For 100% Comfortable Wear, Support And Easy To Clean

Cool-to-your-skin 100% cotton bras or cotton spandex sports bra blends enhance a woman’s comfortable all-day wear plus body shaping figure enhancement.

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Comfortable Wearing Adaptable Cotton Bras…Fashion, Sport, Nursing

Why Cotton Bras? Since bras were originally developed thousands of years ago in the time of the Greeks, cotton bras have been the choice of women. Why? All-day-long comfortable wear…never too hot or too cool…cotton marries easily with spandex or micro fiber to create high performance cotton sports bras for every level of support and impact protection.

Cotton Bra

Cotton Blends Versus The 100% Cotton Bra. Every woman is different…and every body and occasion is not quite the same. What’s needed? For reliable comfortable wear, and adaptability, 100% cotton bras may be the ultimate in support and comfort. Women prefer cotton bra cups and straps where there’s no itching and scratching that synthetics can produce.

Organic cotton bras can affect your bra cup, or straps on any style of bra…from wirefree to underwire…strapless seamless bras…demi bras and more. Leading cotton brands include Bali and Playtex cotton bras and cotton blends.

Cotton Maternity Bra. New Moms reach for cotton nursing bras for next-to-skin comfort, and temperature and moisture control. Breast milk surges just before Baby feeds, and your cotton bra will flex and still give you support plus a cooler touch than quick-to-heat synthetics. New Moms will see cotton bra feature especially in the soft cup designs.

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