Calvin Klein Bra For Sheer Femininity Support And Man Appeal

Ultra modern Calvin Klein bra designs offer female body shaping for sophisticated silhouette, comfort and breast support plus bra sizing to match most women.

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Ultra Feminine Silhouette All-Day Comfort From Calvin Klein Bras

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Bra - Ultimate T-Shirt Bra. You’re going casual-dress, so you want your outer clothes to “do the work”…CK Perfectly Fit bra literally “disappears” due to the discrete finish, choice of fabrics. Think in terms of a seamless bra…available in soft-to-your-skin micro fiber…sand or black tones…sizes including 34A to 38D.

Calvin Klein Strapless Bra - Low Plunge Look On Special Occasions. Wearing a cliff-hanging low-plunge neckline on your dress may be all about enhancing your female form and seductive good looks…but it’s all about “staying put” inside your bra. This critical juncture, between form and function, is where your Calvin Klein strapless bra enters the fashion picture. The CK strapless convertible bra gives you up to three ways to wear the bra, with straps or without. Plus, you can get a CK strapless push-up bra for even more breast contouring options.

Calvin Klein Bra

Support is created by the underwire construction married to support side panels which help to “keep you in place”…low-plunging modesty at its male-attracting best. The CK strapless bra surface finish is seamless, so it won’t disrupt the line of your outer garment. Lace detailing increases your femininity. Color choices include ivory, black and almond…a bra sizing includes 32A to 36D.

Calvin Klein Push-Up Bra. Lifting and separating your breasts for the perfect finished look. Think lace finish…adjustable cleavage where you can push-up, or down, to create the perfect breast silhouette for your body and outfit. The CK push-up bra includes bra sizing choices from 32A to 36D…colors include black, ivory, sand, ballet slipper, white. Comfort in the CK push up bra is guaranteed by the smart blend of fabrics… nylon, micro fiber, lycra elastane for comfy stretch bra feel…for cool-to-your-skin all day comfort.

Calvin Klein Bra Sizing Made Easy. Reaching for female body-enhancing great looks is only half of the bra-selection process. Getting correct bra sizing, as every woman will attest, can be heavy lifting. Virtually every woman has impulsively bought the wrong bra, for the wrong reason…and got the wrong fit. With Calvin Klein, you can get the look and the feel of the perfect bra.

* Bra Sizing Measuring Steps. Getting the right bra is as much about size, form, fit and comfort as it is avoiding the pitfalls such as skin pinching bras…bra straps that ride up, or impulsively flip off…underwire creating biting pressure points…cups that fit one breast and not the other…and a raft of other lingerie dramas. Here’s what to do. First, get a round-the-rib cage measurement, about 1 inch below your bust line. Add 4 to 5 inches to this first measure in order to determine your bra band length such as 36”. Now, for cup size, measure around the fullest point of your bust line…say the figure is 39”…take 39” – 36” = 3 = Cup Size C. For most women these three grade school math steps will take you into the likely-to-fit-great bra segment.

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